debkafile reports: Palestinian Islamists pound northern Lebanon with Syrian-supplied Katyusha rockets – a new departure in their revolt against Bei

Our military sources report the pro-Damascus Palestinian factions fighting the Lebanese army for two months in the northern Nahr al-Bared camp took their first delivery of rockets this week from the Syrian army. The Katyushas were smuggled across the border through the east Lebanese Beqaa Valley, the first items of heavy hardware Syria has ever supplied to its Palestinian surrogates in Lebanon.
The Lebanese news agency reports three salvoes of 11 rockets fired from the Palestinian camp near Tripoli Friday after two months of clashes with Lebanese forces.
Five landed on the plains of Arqa and Beit Hadara in the northern Akkar province, three more in the Minieh and Deir Emar districts and another three crashed on to the highway linking Lebanon to Syria. At the same time, Fatah al-Islam terrorists launched an attack on a Lebanese position outside the camp and lost 15 men.
Lebanese correspondents describe fires and damaged house and vehicles in North Lebanese villages as reminiscent of the scenes in northern Israel after Hizballah’s 34-day Katyusha barrage last year. No casualties have so far been reported.
Bashar Assad, who has been pumping reinforcements and arms to the Palestinian groups holed up in the northern Lebanese camp, clearly has no compunctions about arming them to blast the civilians of northern Lebanon, to help demonstrate that the Siniora government and Lebanese army cannot provide the country with security.
Among the pro-Syrian Palestinian terror groups fighting alongside radical Fatah Islam is Nayef Hawatmeh’s Democratic Front, which did not stop him from asking Israel this week for permission to enter the West Bank

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