debkafile reports: Rev Guards chief threatens retaliation against US Gulf bases if Iran is attacked, missiles for Israel

In a recent interview, Gen. Mohammad Ali Jaafari, commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, said: “Despite the U.S. military’s supremacy in air power and advanced electronic equipment, Iran can counter any attack just like the Hezbollah forces that defeated the region’s most advanced and best-equipped military in the 33-day war against the Zionist regime.”
The Iranian general boasted “…through the strength and precision of our own missiles, we are capable of targeting the US military forces that attack us.”
The U.S. military has several bases in Arab countries including Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Yemen but his threat could also be interpreted to cover US forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The IRGC general said should Israel participate in an American attack, it will be exposed to danger from states [a hint at Iran’s ally Syria] and Muslims [i.e. Hizballah and the Palestinians] in the region.
Moreover, said Jaafari, our resources and the range of our missiles cover Israel and “all of occupied Palestine [namely, Israel’s West Bank communities and bases] is exposed to danger.
“We believe that Israel will not take such an action and will not take the US side because it will receive a blow from Iran that is many times as big as the blow that it received from Hezballah. “Then we would have a free hand to take many actions and do what we want to do.”
Concerning Israel’s ballistic missile test of Jan. 17, the IRGC chief replied: “…of course they have their resources – nuclear resources and missiles that might be directed at Iran now, and there is no problem in this regard. All these claims are intended as muscle-flexing but our real knowledge about the policies of the Quds [Jerusalem]-usurping entity makes us believe that they will not commit such a historic and great mistake.”
Asked what Tehran will do if Israel attacks Syria, he replied in general terms regarding “our Islamic and revolutionary duty to back any Islamic state facing injustice.”
He defended the right of IRGC boats to carry out “inspections.” debkafile‘s military sources interpret this claim as a bid by Tehran to gain for the Revolutionary Guards navy equal rights to that of the US and NATO navies to board vessels suspected of terrorist traffic.
Jaafari repeated Tehran’s denial that the vessels which menaced US warships in the Strait of Hormuz last month had threatened to blow them up.

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