debkafile reports: UN Five and Germany draft anemic sanctions for Iran’s defiance in continuing uranium enrichment – in contrast to “harsh sanction

The draft calls for sanctions against the Revolutionary Guards IRGC-al Qods Force and an unimportant Iranian Bank Melli, while the original ban on UN members’ supply, sale or transfer of arms to Iran is diluted to “restraint” and “vigilance”. debkafile‘s sources report that that the sanctions text as drafted by the five UN Security Council members and Germany offers no deterrent against Iran carrying on flouting UN resolutions on its nuclear activities or continuing to operate the al Qods Brigades for exported terror.
debkafile‘s sources report that nothing is left of the tough international sanctions promised Israeli leaders by the US and EU. This already insipid draft is expected to be watered down further before it comes to the vote later this month, reflecting the new US intelligence assessment purporting that Iran gave up nuclear weapons development in 2003.
Already, it omits suspicions of a clandestine Iranian military program or nuclear arms development – only uranium enrichment. debkafile‘s counter-terror sources report sanctions against al Qods are impossible to execute because this arcane 15,000-strong body operates completely underground, below any international financial radar, its clandestine activities unknown outside Iranian intelligence. It runs Tehran’s sponsorship of Hizballah, Hamas, Jihad Islami and Iraq’s Shiite militias. If the figures listed were indeed to be denied entry to UN member states and their assets seized, it would be the first time the world body had ever punished the military arm of a UN member state.
Two months ago, Washington declared this shadowy terrorist instigator a global terrorist organization but so far unilateral US sanctions have had no known effect on the IRGC’s financial empire.

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