debkafile reveals: A 107mm Katyusha rocket of 30-35km range blew up in Friday’s Hamas military parade in Gaza, killing 19 Palestinians, injuring 8

This surface rocket packs a bigger punch at more than twice the range of Qassam missiles. It is in general Hizballah use, but never before shown in Palestinian hands.
Hamas attempted to blame blast on Israel Apache rockets. But Fatah blamed Hamas negligence and demanded an end to the military parades and random shooting.
An Israeli military spokesman denied the allegation in an interview over Arabic TV Al Jazeera.
Major Eytan Arussi suggested the explosion was caused by illegal weapons the Palestinians had smuggled in from Egypt this week. Hamas had only itself to blame.
Earlier, the Palestinian Authority also attributed the blast that killed senior Hamas operatives, including Ahmad Randur, northern chief, to Hamas’ own missiles borne by vehicles in triumphal procession.
The Hamas spokesman made no reply to Arussi’s broadcast comment and rebuked al Jazeera for allowing a representative of the “Zionist enemy” to have his say. The Israeli major took this refusal as a confession of Hamas guilt.

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