debkafile: Tardy IDF confirmation: Three Katyusha 107mm rockets from Lebanon hit W. Galilee town Shlomi Monday night

No one was injured. Rocket fragments found on the balcony of a home in the northern Israeli town were first explained by Israeli security officials as old ordnance from the 2006 Lebanon War. This assessment was revised later Tuesday morning. Residents reported explosions during Monday night, Jan. 7, the first since a ceasefire halted the Hizballah Katyusha bombardment of northern Israel last summer. One rocket damaged a power facility in the center of the small town of Shlomi.
debkafile‘s military sources report the IDF northern command has launched an inquiry to find out how three rockets hit Shlomi undetected by the military, police or mergency services.
Also Monday, the prime minister’s office submitted a report to the Winograd commission probing the mismanagement of the Lebanon War arguing that all the deficiencies exposed in its interim report had been repaired.
At a security forum, meanwhile, defense minister Ehud Barak confirmed debkafile‘s reports that Hizballah is back in its pre-war bunker-fortresses in South Lebanon, had increased its rocket stocks and extended their range to reach more Israeli towns further south than ever before.
Barak stressed that, notwithstanding the UNIFIL presence, unlimited supplies of missiles and other arms, including anti-air weapons, continued to stream across the Syrian-Lebanon border for Hizballah.
Barak’s data refutes the prime minister’s claims that Israel’s northern defenses are now in good repair, as does the undetected rocket fire from Lebanon.

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