debkafile’s military sources: A large group of IDF reserve generals will ask Lt. Gen Dan Halutz to step down as chief off staff

The ex-generals will call on him to take responsibility for mismanaging the Lebanon war. Among the group are Uri Sagi, former AMAN chief, Doron Almog, former OC Southern Command, Haim Erez, former commander of the brigade which crossed the Suez Canal in the Yom Kippur War and later headed the southern Command, Yossi Peled, former commander of the northern front and Yoram Yair, who commanded the Parachute Brigade which conquered Beirut in 1982 and was later chief of the Manpower Division.
The retired generals have written a joint letter to the chief of staff decrying the first war ever fought by Israel’s armed forces in which division and brigade commanders conducted battles from rear command posts instead of leading the men in the field.
The members of this group are due to attend a gathering of 100 reserve generals invited by Halutz for a general debate on the Lebanon war and its consequences. They intend to stand up and call for his resignation.
debkafile‘s military sources have learned that a group of senior Tank Corps officers plan to join the demand, charging that tank forces were improperly deployed in the Lebanon war and their crews therefore sustained heavy loss of life. This misuse exacted a heavy price when tank units crossed Wadi Siluki in the push towards the Litani River and were blown up by lethal Hizballah anti-tank missiles.

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