Defense minister Ehud Barak orders IDF to urgently help distressed Palestinians stuck in Gaza’s Erez crossing

Israel is allowing some Palestinians and foreigners to leave Gaza.
Defense sources say that unless hostile elements and terrorists are weeded out from genuine refugees, Israelis helping them do so at great risk. Only a few dozens remain in the Erez terminal. Egypt has sealed its border with Gaza to bar refugees’ exit.
Tuesday, four Palestinians injured by Hamas fire were evacuated to Israeli hospitals. Six Israeli ambulances stand by to collect more injured and sick from Gaza hospitals.
The Red Cross is arranging the transfers to Israel as no one is in charge on the Palestinian side.
Trucks with food and supplies from Israel went through the Kerem Shalom crossing Tuesday and more are due Wednesday.
At the Karni crossing, food supplies from Israel are rotting in trucks for lack of a competent authority on the Palestinian side to take delivery.

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