Dutch sabotage agent recalled from Iran over “impending” US attack – report

A Dutch AIVD Secret Service ultra-secret operation underway in Iran in recent years has been halted and an agent recalled in view of “impending US plans to attack Iran,” within weeks, writes Joost de Haas, known for his good intelligence contacts, in the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf.
The AIVD operation aimed to infiltrate and sabotage the weapons [and nuclear] industry in the Islamic Republic.
According to intelligence sources in the Netherlands, the US [or Israel] was expected to make a decision within weeks to attack nuclear plants with unmanned aircraft, used to avoid risking the lives of air crews and warplanes.
debkafile‘s military sources report this would be the first time drones operated by remote control were used against major strategic targets, necessary in Israel’s case to hold its air fleet and flight crews ready to defend the country against reprisal from Iran’s allies. Syria and the Lebanese Hizballah have stockpiled thousands of rockets for this purpose.
The Iranian targets to be bombed would include also military installations brought to light partly by the Dutch espionage operation, described by De Telegraaf as extremely successful. “One of the agents was able to infiltrate the Iranian industry” and for years shared information with the American CIA. “Various supplies could also be sabotaged and stopped. These were parts for missiles and launching equipment.”
According to debkafile‘s sources, the expectation disclosed by the Dutch newspaper would explain the fresh spate of threats from Iran.
Thursday, Aug. 28, Iranian sources told the London-based Arabic al Quds that Tehran had recently transferred to Hizballah new long-range rockets capable of hitting every inch of Israeli soil with great accuracy.
They were to be fired if Israel or the United States attacked Iran.
Dep. Chief of General Staff Masus Jazairi said Saturday, Aug. 30, that any attack on Iran would mean the beginning of a new world war. He said the “greed of the US and Zionists” is gradually leading the world to collapse as demonstrated in Sudan, Iraq, Afghanistan and the Caucasus.
debkafile‘s Iran sources report a shakeup is in progress in the Islamic Republic’s top military command.
Amir (Maj. Gen.) Seyed Abdollrahim Mousavi was named acting chief of staff
of the armed forces – a new post created as backup in case the army chief comes to harm in combat.
Amir Mohamad Hosseyn Dadras becomes deputy chief of staff for coordination.
Amir Reza Pourdastan is the new commander of the army’s ground corps.

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