Egypt jails family members of Hamas high-ups living in Cairo

High-ranking Hamas officials in Gaza keep their sons, brothers, wives, cousins living in comfort in Cairo. Monday night, Oct. 12, Egypt’s Mukhabarat (security service) began quietly rounding up hundreds of these Gazans and throwing them into jail for “questioning,” debkafile‘s Middle East sources report. The crackdown was ordered by intelligence minister Gen. Omar Suleiman, who finally got fed up with Hamas and its stubborn refusal to sign a reconciliation accord with rival Fatah and its leader Mahmoud Abbas. Egyptian sources are sure Iran and Syria are behind the Islamic extremists’ non-cooperation.
Gen. Omar has spent long months in strenuous effort to bring the Palestinians together for a unity accord that would open the way to a unified delegation for negotiations with Israel. The latest signing date at the end of this month had to be cancelled for the umpteenth time after Hamas said its latest no was final.
President Hosni Mubarak then gave his intelligence minister permission to remove the gloves and start discreetly punishing the recalcitrant Islamic extremists where it hurt, i.e. their close kin.
Our Egyptian sources report that the Hamas community resident in Cairo includes senior military and political officials and businessmen, as well sons enrolled as students and other close family members. Neither Egypt nor Hamas has released word of the crackdown.

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