Egypt licensed to assemble Russian T-90S tanks. Capacity – 50 a year

Russian T-90S battle tanks are already in combat service with two Arab armies, Syrian forces and Iraqi Shiite militias fighting under Iranian command.
Egypt will begin assembling the first T-90S tanks towards the end of 2019 at the Abu Zaabal Tank Repair Factory outside Cairo – Military Factory 200. One of the biggest tank and armored vehicles plants in the Middle East, it was converted by the US armed forces for the production of the American M1A1 tank in service with the Egyptian army.
(Before that, in 1970, Israel bombed the factory to counter Russian military support for the hostile regime in Cairo. Up to 70 staff were killed then)

Russian technicians are now back in Egypt, this time working on a new assembly line, with technology provided by the Russian Uralvagonzavod manufacturers. The T-90S version licensed to Egypt is powered by a 1,000hp (750kW) engine made by the Russian Chelyabinks Tractor Plant, is equipped with a computerized day and night targeting system and is capable of launching the 9M119 Refleks anti-tank guided missiles via its 125mm 2A46M smoothbore gun. Egyptian military sources report that Military Factory 200 will have the capacity to assemble 50 T-90S\SK battle tanks each year from 2019 to 2026.

How does the Russian battle tank compare with Israel’s Merkava Mk 4M?

It is cheaper to produce, at $4.5m a piece compared with $6m for the Israeli tank. It is lighter at 46 tons; the Merkava weighs 6 tons. The Russian tank has a 125mm smoothbore gun, compared to the Merkava’s comparable 120mm gun. The Russian tank is flexible at a speed of 60 kph, while the Israeli tank is faster – 65kph. It is also much lighter, 46 tons compared wth the Israeli tank’s 65 tons.
The big differences between the two also account for the Israeli tank’s extra weight: the addition of the Trophy APS active protection system, called “Windbreaker,” which Israel has developed and battle-proved as a hard-kill defense system. It is also equipped with a firing control system, digital combat management and has an exceptional ability to function in rugged off-road terrain.



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31 thoughts on “Egypt licensed to assemble Russian T-90S tanks. Capacity – 50 a year

  • Mar 11, 2018 @ 17:55 at 17:55

    They should test them on Rothschild Blvd in Tel Aviv isisreal

    • Mar 11, 2018 @ 20:52 at 20:52

      Are YU anti Semitic?

      • Mar 12, 2018 @ 5:10 at 5:10

        Nah…he just owes money to a Rothschild bank.

    • Mar 11, 2018 @ 23:00 at 23:00

      I think you mean that they should be tested on one or more of those pro-Islamist American-Canadian campuses during BDS or IAW. You can bend over at 100 meters and they can use mock precision munitions to hit the target painted on your backside.

    • Mar 12, 2018 @ 0:06 at 0:06

      Test them on Shiite Khomenis crypt.

    • Mar 12, 2018 @ 1:43 at 1:43

      they should test them in teheran isisran where satanic ayatolahs are

    • Mar 12, 2018 @ 10:02 at 10:02

      “They should test them on Rothschild Blvd in Tel Aviv isisreal”


      They should test them on the missile silos and production facilities your friends in Iran built for Hezbollah in South Lebanon.

  • Mar 11, 2018 @ 19:15 at 19:15

    Interesting and worth knowing but not a strategic threat to Israel.
    Not a game changer tank; Merkava 4 with Trophy far superior
    Not an Israeli red line either.
    Sinai is in effect demilitarized since the 1979 Peace Treaty between Israel and Egypt.All Egyptian military movements in Sinai have to be agreed with Israel.

  • Mar 11, 2018 @ 20:23 at 20:23

    All tanks are basically obsolete. 90 second average battlefield survival time without the trophy system. That is the only game changer in this equation. Basically it doesn’t matter how much your tank weighs or how fast it can travel if it can’t outrun an anti tank missile that is man portable. A T-72 is as good as a T-90 against a machine gun but if either gets hammered by a javelin it’s game over.

    • Mar 11, 2018 @ 20:37 at 20:37

      Those advanced ATGM are far less widespread and easily obtainable compared to the readily available RPG all over the place. Very expensive also compared to simple unguided rockets.

      What you said counts for virtually every weapon, there exist weapons to counter the threat of most weapons.

  • Mar 11, 2018 @ 20:46 at 20:46

    When the Messiah reenters then all tanks will be obsolete as nothing can hurt an immortal.
    Then all people of all nations will take hold of the skirt of him that is a Jew and they will say we have heard that the Lord is with you!

    • Mar 11, 2018 @ 22:00 at 22:00

      we did take hold of his skirt. kings shut their mouths. he has reigned.

      • Mar 12, 2018 @ 11:22 at 11:22

        “we did take hold of his skirt. kings shut their mouths. he has reigned.”

        The Romans ended his “reign” rather quickly.

    • Mar 11, 2018 @ 22:50 at 22:50

      So its written – so it will happen !

    • Mar 12, 2018 @ 10:29 at 10:29

      “Both the Saudi rulers and the Egyptian leaders are of Jewish origin.”

      That would be quite a surprise to both the Saudi and Egyptian leaders.
      That would be like saying that the “Palestinians” (who are indistinguishable from all other Arabs) had their origins in Israel, when their family clans actually migrated from Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

      BTW, you never did mention exactly where you got that “Jewish origin” information from———????????

      • Mar 12, 2018 @ 10:59 at 10:59

        BTW, you never did mention exactly where you got that “Jewish origin” information from———????????

        If you’re using the link you provided as your “source” for your “Jewish origin” claim, just to note that it was based on an Iraqi intelligence agency claim (other wise known as: “PROPAGANDA”) in an effort to de-legitimize their rivals.
        The anti-Israel and anti-Zionist source for that article are quite obvious and it would quote any bogus claim which supports their agenda.

        • Mar 12, 2018 @ 11:46 at 11:46

          Why would the Saudis shun the so-called Palestinians and cooperate with our Israel against the (admittedly Shia) muslim Iranians instead?

          The Wahhabi Saudis show no compunction carpet bombing and starving their muslim Yemeni brothers either.

          I know for a fact that the Jewish ancestry of the leaders of modern Turkey is true. Most of the Young Turks like Talat Pasha (who was also a 33rd degree Freemason and head of the Freemasons of the Middle East) were Jews. Ataturk himself was a Jew. He said so himself.
          You can verify this by looking it up on any credible Jewish website with a section on foreign leaders of Jewish origin.
          The time is near now.
          Don’t be afraid to assume and revel in your true identity and power.

          • Apr 5, 2018 @ 1:32 at 1:32

            i guess you haven’t noticed that ataturk is dead? and erdogan is many things, but “jewish” isn’t one of them.

  • Mar 11, 2018 @ 21:18 at 21:18

    Main thing is russia sell weapons to Egypt. Middle east become russian backdoor

  • Mar 11, 2018 @ 22:51 at 22:51

    The T90s is a good tank. It is not as good as the M1A2 but with it’s composite armor, advanced ERA, and the Shtora-1 passive/active protection system it is a lower cost and competitive tank. As with any tank, anti-tank weapons are currently in use that can destroy most any tank and even more advanced weapons are being developed, but for now tanks cannot be replaced on the battlefield.

  • Mar 11, 2018 @ 23:31 at 23:31

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    • Mar 12, 2018 @ 0:09 at 0:09


  • Mar 12, 2018 @ 0:43 at 0:43

    There used to be intelligent comments on this site

    • Apr 5, 2018 @ 1:34 at 1:34

      that was only BEFORE comments were allowed!

  • Mar 12, 2018 @ 1:11 at 1:11

    Will it have one forward gear and thirteen backwards?

    • Mar 12, 2018 @ 10:35 at 10:35

      “Will it have one forward gear and thirteen backwards?”


      That would be like the French tanks————-in 1940.

  • Mar 12, 2018 @ 4:55 at 4:55

    Since 1956 was Israel has captured about 1200 egyptian tanks. It’s not only quality a tank but also the army moral and order.

  • Mar 12, 2018 @ 5:38 at 5:38

    The old days of pan-arabic bull are long gone, and so there is no point of compare Ts and Ms, Egypt and Israel will stay good neighbors.

  • Mar 12, 2018 @ 10:42 at 10:42

    Tanks are very vulnerable these days. Especially once ISIS get the latest Kornet or similar.

    • Mar 13, 2018 @ 2:58 at 2:58

      you do know the Americans don’t produce the kornet

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