Eight assailants, a security guard killed in NW China bombings

The attackers and the security guard were killed after a series of bombings targeted a police station and government buildings at Kuga county, in the northwest region Chinese region of Xinjiang after midnight Saturday, Aug. 9. The Chinese news agency Xinhua reported that the bombers drove a taxi to their gargets and tossed homemade explosives. Two died in the attacks while six more were killed later by police.
Earlier this week, 16 Chinese policemen were killed in a terrorist attack in Xinjiang, host to the separatist Muslim Uighur people.
The day after the Olympic Games opened in Beijing, a China man stabbed to death an American tourist from Minneapolis, Todd Bachman, and injured his wife and daughter at the historic Drum Tower monument. The assailant, a 47-year-old man from the eastern Chinese city Hangzhou related to a Chinese Olympic official, then jumped to his death from the monument.
debkafile reports: Two Islamic terrorist groups operate in Xinjiang, the East Turkish Islamic movement and ETLO, both linked to radical Islamic organizations based in the Fergana Valley of Central Asia.

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