Eliahu Asheri aged 18 from Itamar was kidnapped and murdered by Palestinian Fatah-Tanzim terrorists for a large sum of money

His body was found Wednesday night buried in a field in a-Tira, Ramallah.
Security officials report that Eliahu Asheri was murdered Sunday, June 25, shortly after he was seized by Palestinian kidnappers at the French Hill junction in northern Jerusalem. The abduction took place hours after Hamas kidnapped Corp. Gilead Shalit outside Kerem Shalom opposite Gaza. The Tanzim kidnappers confessed they had been paid tens of thousands of dollars for the crime by the PRCs.
Israeli soldiers were led to his body Wednesday, June 28, by the Fatah activist Israeli commandos detained in a raid on Fatah HQ in the Ramallah district of al Bireh, where Fatah leaders, including Mahmoud Abbas, reside. One of the four houses raided was the villa of Muhammad Dahlan. A second Fatah terrorist was taken in for suspected complicity in the crime. The PRC threat Wednesday to kill him was issued when the 18-year old boy from Itamar was no longer alive.
Eliahu Asheri was a student at the Neve Tsuf pre-military academy.

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