Exclusive: Pyongyang scrambles to offset impending Syrian plutonium reactor revelations in Congress

The CIA plans to reveal to a closed-door congressional panel session Thursday April 24 that the Syrian site targeted by Israel’s air raid last September was a reactor capable of producing plutonium for nuclear weapons, thereby offering final proof of North Korea’s nuclear ties with Syria. This is reported by the LA Times.
debkafile‘s Middle East sources reveal that Pyongyang took the unusual step Wed. April 23 his week of ordering its Damascus embassy to gather Arab correspondents in the Syrian capital for an extraordinary briefing: The first secretary told them that North Korea had nothing to do with the destroyed reactor. However, he did not deny that Pyongyang maintained extensive military ties of cooperation with Damascus.
On April 22, A US team, led by Sung Kim – the top U.S. State Department expert on the Koreas – reached Pyongyang for a three-day stay to discuss North Korea’s failure to meet its December deadline for dismantling its nuclear program.

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