Exclusive: Shiite Hizballah advances on Sunni strongholds across Lebanon

debkafile‘s military sources: After seizing control of Sunni West Beirut and besieging the seat of the pro-Western government, Hizballah fighters Saturday, April 10, turned their guns on Sunni Muslim centers in the rest of Lebanon. Some 20 fatalities are reported in three days of combat.
Heavy battles are reported in the northern town of Tripoli, in Alei and the western Beqaa Valley east of Beirut, around Tyre and Sidon in the south, the Chouf mountains in the center and the northern slopes of Mt Hermon close to Lebanon’s borders with Israel and Syria.
Our sources report Iran’s proxy Shiite terrorists, commanding a 45,000-strong army, are bent on breaking up and disarming Lebanon’s Sunni militias, especially that of the majority leader of the Future Movement, the anti Syrian Saad Hariri.
After their victory, they aim to establish a united Muslim bloc dominated by Tehran and Damascus for confronting and then routing the pro-Western, pro-Israeli Christian camp, the traditional key to power in Lebanon.
On the fourth day of the Hizballah offensive, the pro-Western prime minister Fouad Siniora is trapped by a Hizballah-Amal siege force in his Beirut office, taking supportive calls from Western leaders who denounce Hizballah’s Iranian and Syrian backers. None have offered tangible assistance for holding out against the Hizballah onslaught.
The majority leader, the anti-Syrian Saad Hariri, and his ally Druze leader Walid Jumblat were rescued Friday from their Beirut mansions by the army. Hariri’s Future TV station was taken off the air and razed, and Hizballah forces are now threatening his southern Sunni stronghold in Sidon. The UN peacekeeper force is deployed in this same region.

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