Exclusive: Terrorists beat the Shin Bet defense system in Jerusalem for the first time since 2006

debkafile‘s counter-terror sources report that for almost two years the Shin Bet’s uniquely effective defense system succeeded in thwarting almost every Palestinian terrorist attacks inside Israel. But with the deadly shooting rampage at Jerusalem’s Yeshivat Harav which claimed eight lives Thursday night, March. 5. Israel’s eight-year terror ordeal at Palestinian hands has now taken a new direction. Under the guidance of Iran, Syria and Hizballah, terror planners have learned how to bypass the universally-acclaimed Shin Bet counter-terror system by dispensing with large operational teams which include accomplices who drive the suicide killer to target. The Israeli security service found this set-up highly susceptible to penetration for advance tip-offs of attacks in store.
Thursday’s attack was carried out single-handed by a lone gunman, a local man and Israeli citizen who could move around Jerusalem unnoticed. As a delivery-man, he could conduct his own surveillance and choose his method of attack and its timing. The Kalashnikov assault rifle he used is available for cash in most Israeli towns.
The yeshiva attack revealed that senior terror planners have found they can leave operational details to a lone suicide killer after selecting him, identifying his target and setting the date. In this way, they reduce the chances of leaks to almost zero.
Jerusalem district police commander Aharon Franko stated after the attack that no advance warning had been received. The institution was unguarded and unaware of the menace in store.
This departure in Palestinian methods of operation makes the next stage in the terror war confronting Israel particularly dangerous. More atrocities on the lines of the yeshiva attack may be in the pipeline before Israel’s security services catch up with the revised methods of slaughter and evolve fitting methods of prevention.
The events of this week, the yeshiva murders, the roadside bomb which killed an Israeli soldier patrolling the Gaza border, the bottle bombs and rock-throwing on the West Bank, the riots in Jerusalem, all indicate that the Palestinians have launched a fresh wave of terror primarily targeting Israeli civilians. It is timed to coincide with the spring festivals of Purim, Passover and Easter, with the 60th anniversary celebrations of Israel’s statehood ahead.

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