Explosions on two supertankers carrying Gulf oil. Crews evacuated

The crews were evacuated from two burning super oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman after they were hit by explosions on Thursday, June 13. Both captains sent distress calls to ports in Oman and Pakistan. Iranian news sources cited local sources in Oman as saying that the explosions were caused by attacks on the tankers.
The vessels were flagged to the Marshal Islands and Panama but there was no immediate word on the ownership of the oil cargoes or their destination.

The British navy’s Maritime Trade Operations initially put out an alert for an “unspecified incident” in the Gulf of Oman and urged “extreme caution.”. The US Navy’s Bahrain based 5th Fleet responded it was aware of the incident and investigating. Meanwhile, the US Navy was extending assistance to the damaged vessels following distress calls.

The explosions come a few weeks after four other oil tankers were sabotaged off the port city of Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates, in an attack widely attributed to Iran.

DEBKAfile: After the first round of low-key attacks by Iran on the oil of America’s Gulf allies, its embassy in Baghdad and Israel’s Hermon posts failed to provoke the Trump administration into easing sanctions, Tehran launched a second, ramped-up round of aggression on Thursday.

Details are still awaited on the form of the attacks on the two supertankers. The four tankers sabotaged at Fujairah had remote-controlled limpet mines attached to their hulls by frogmen. The successive explosions in the Gulf of Oman also point to the use of some form of remotely-controlled explosive device.

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40 thoughts on “Explosions on two supertankers carrying Gulf oil. Crews evacuated

  • Jun 13, 2019 @ 10:37 at 10:37


    • Jun 13, 2019 @ 10:44 at 10:44

      the iranian ayatolahs muslim pigs torpedod the vessels
      Salman Rushdie satanic Verses aboutthe satanic ayatolahs and pig muhammad

    • Jun 13, 2019 @ 12:49 at 12:49

      Israel has fought many wars, but never has it deployed foreign soldiers. We Jews fight our own battles.

      • Jun 13, 2019 @ 13:16 at 13:16

        cobblers, the juice move their armies around like toys

      • Jun 13, 2019 @ 17:46 at 17:46

        AMERICA DOES YOUR DIRTY WORK! That’s the reason you pay off US politicians LIAR.

    • Jun 13, 2019 @ 14:39 at 14:39

      Incremental Sabotege on Middle East Tankers and Oil Infrasture are being made for an Intentional Ever Escalating but Slow Sure Demise of the Iranian Regime and only Proves the Sanctions are Working. Smile Today will become Frowns Tomorrow.

    • Jun 13, 2019 @ 20:48 at 20:48

      Good idea. Only someone with a rabid hatred like you got could think like Iranians think.

  • Jun 13, 2019 @ 10:51 at 10:51


    • Jun 13, 2019 @ 15:03 at 15:03

      dual fulfillment

      The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done; and there is nothing chadash under the shemesh.

  • Jun 13, 2019 @ 10:57 at 10:57

    Both tankers are Japanese according to NHK

    • Jun 13, 2019 @ 11:16 at 11:16

      Not japanese, one was raising the marchal island flag and the other raising the flag of panama.

      looks like war is comming…hope they level iran to a parking lot…. popcorn.jpg

      • Jun 14, 2019 @ 13:47 at 13:47

        Ship’s registry doesn’t matter who owns the oil cargo and where it is bound are the important factors

  • Jun 13, 2019 @ 11:21 at 11:21

    Curious if there will be a response this time or just waiting for the next incident……

    • Jun 13, 2019 @ 11:29 at 11:29

      knowing how politics work, proly turn a blind eye

  • Jun 13, 2019 @ 11:44 at 11:44

    time for US/Saudi-gulf states/Israel to hit Iran so hard it will leave them reeling- Iran is getting increasingly audacious and defiant. The ports from where these attacks are launched should be destroyed. If that doesn’t stop them, then the entire infrastructure of the IRC, regular military, nuclear installations and missile/drone/weapon production along with air defense should be taken out. Needs to be done sooner or later.

    • Jun 13, 2019 @ 13:01 at 13:01

      Yep. I think an attack on their defenses – blow them away, so they know they are sitting ducks…then pulverize their weapons industries… the US and Israel know where they are.. hit them NOT the people and do it before they start moving civilians in to use as human shields.. Also a targeted campaign on the IRG – being cowards, they will turn on the people and use them the same way. I feel iran might have a chance of being a normal country if they can get rid of these islamic nutcases.

      • Jun 13, 2019 @ 16:14 at 16:14

        Marg Bar Iran!
        Marg Bar the Supreme rag head!


      • Jun 13, 2019 @ 19:31 at 19:31

        do not halluzinative too much

        one wrong move from american and US 5 Fleet will join this two tanker

        by the way , in which war has the American regarded the life of civilian ?

        • Jun 13, 2019 @ 23:05 at 23:05

          Oh yeah? One wrong move from Fascist Iran and your Ayatoolas will each be entertaining their own flock of 72 virgins infected with STDs.

  • Jun 13, 2019 @ 12:13 at 12:13

    Indeed.Long overdue.

  • Jun 13, 2019 @ 13:20 at 13:20

    This was a Russian operation. They have an oil based economy, the military expertise, and the motive (ie increasing tension between US and Tehran and Israel). Russians love to pit their adversaries off against one another.

    • Jun 13, 2019 @ 15:07 at 15:07

      “We urge the US to reconsider its line towards torpedoing the major nuclear non-proliferation achievement, allowing the international community to be confident in the exclusively peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear program.”

  • Jun 13, 2019 @ 14:29 at 14:29

    Oil Prices now controlled by America Fracking are near $50 again, driving up the Price is what OPEC needs now. While Iran and its Shiia Servants will be happy as well.

  • Jun 13, 2019 @ 15:24 at 15:24

    One article said a crew of 23 was picked up by a nearby vessel and turned over to an Iranian ship? WHAT?? How stupid. Another Iranian hostage crisis in the making.

  • Jun 13, 2019 @ 15:33 at 15:33

    The ayatollahs are trying, and trying the patience of the U.S. fleet. Watch their skirts turn brown, once
    the fleet fires at them…

  • Jun 13, 2019 @ 15:37 at 15:37

    This is a ridiculos fake news site.

    • Jun 13, 2019 @ 23:06 at 23:06

      Dog, Happy Nakba!

  • Jun 13, 2019 @ 15:52 at 15:52

    put some mines at the entrance of the iranian ports

  • Jun 13, 2019 @ 16:13 at 16:13

    We will soon see, if TRUMP is just a big mouth… Welcome back to the year 1938…

  • Jun 13, 2019 @ 22:02 at 22:02

    Iran has long said that if they couldn’t ship oil through the Gulf, nobody would. Countries that rely on this oil should take action against Iran. America’s interest in Gulf oil is little or non-existent so it makes no sense for us to hit Iran first. However, we will back up our allies should they choose to get in the fight. Time for the rest of the allies to step up.

    • Jun 13, 2019 @ 23:16 at 23:16

      That also means NOTHING goes INTO the Gulf and Fascist Iran will starve itself to death.

      And the long horror of Satan’s Ayatoola Khomeni and the Anti-Christ’s Dhimmi Carter’s “Islamic Revolution” will FINALLY come crashing down in TOTAL DESTRUCTION.

  • Jun 14, 2019 @ 0:22 at 0:22

    Who would punish Japan for meeting with Iran?

  • Jun 14, 2019 @ 2:53 at 2:53

    Patience, we are almost ready…

    • Jun 14, 2019 @ 13:52 at 13:52

      That is funny, I don’t care who you are.

  • Jun 15, 2019 @ 2:28 at 2:28

    This does not make sense. Think about it! Why would anyone bring war upon herself with all the turmoil she is facing internally.

  • Jun 15, 2019 @ 19:03 at 19:03

    Just like Michael Ledeen, Mossad and Feith false flagged the US into the war with Iraq with the Niger Uranium Frauds, now Mossad and it’s UAE/Saudi operatives are running their scenarios/ops trying to light off an American attack on Iran. Obama resisted, at the last moment, the Israeli false flags over the Syria ‘gas attack’ false flags, and now Trump or others must expose Mossad/Israel and their buds over this

    • Jun 15, 2019 @ 19:07 at 19:07

      ‘The long national nightmare of Netanyahu in America, in cahoots with his Neocons, is over’

      Netanyahu is despised worldwide, hated more than most Americans hate Hillary. And now the Netanyahu/Neocon has served over the guardrails, like Thelma and Louise. With Netanyahu’s exposure by Mueller over Kushner, with Joel Zamel’s rigging of the election for Trump, America now despises Netanyahu and his warmongering Neocons more than Hillary

  • Jun 15, 2019 @ 19:13 at 19:13

    Netanyahu and his Neocons are being drug down a long corridor of power, and though they will remain very dangerous until they have been restrained in their rooms, way down the corridor in the East Wing, will everybody be safe from them.

    The important thing to know is they are being drug from power, politicians openly threatening the $38 Billion dollars to the Kahanist regime of Netanyahu and the Kahanist Messianic/Settler Right.

    • Jun 15, 2019 @ 19:18 at 19:18

      The Kahanist Regime of Netanyahu, as well as the REST of the Messianic Kahanist Right, should have ZERO monies and every cent in the pipeline clawed back. These throes of Kahanism is what Gantz calls ‘Total Kahanist Chaos’, and Israel needs an existential makeover where both dark people and light people can vote, and that existential makeover is 1P1V1S. Clawing Back the $38B Topples Netanyahu

  • Jun 15, 2019 @ 19:22 at 19:22

    ‘Thou Shalt do War by Running Ops on Tankers and Blaming it on Iran’, and then rehearsing that story with Pompeo and Bolton until they can repeat it like Karen Carpenter

    PU! – is this a stinker or what!

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