Fat Iranian Cash Contracts for Terrorists to Hit American Troops and Israeli Civilians

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s outrageous statements were not just the empty rhetoric of an inexperienced politician. They were backed up by solid action. Tehran may claim piously that it has never threatened or used force against a fellow UN member, but debkafile‘s counter-terror sources reveal a somewhat more sinister picture. American and British intelligence in Iraq have turned up Iran’s fingerprints deep inside the terrorist campaign against US and British forces in Iraq ever since mid-September.
In the same period, Israeli intelligence too has uncovered growing Iranian involvement in Palestinian terrorist attacks inside Israel, notably the Hadera suicide bombing by a Jihad Islami suicide bomber Wednesday Oct. 26 in which 5 Israelis died. As in Iraq, Iran often operates through surrogates.
The Iranian president actually admitted this when he said that a new wave of Palestinian attacks would soon wipe Israel off the face of the Islamic world. He then accused the world oppressors (a euphemism for America and allies) of establishing the Zionist regime as a move against the Islamic world, implying that the Islamic world has a duty to fight back.
And Tehran is pursuing this duty.
According to debkafile‘s counter-terror sources, Iranian intelligence shells out a fee of $50,000 and 80,000 to Sunni hit squads in central and western Iraq for every attack on American troops. Half this amount is paid out up front with the hit list; the balance, when the mission is accomplished. Unlike al Qaeda which kills Iraqis indiscriminately, Iranian intelligence paymasters insist on pinpointing Americans only.
The rate for Palestinian terrorist groups setting up strikes against Israelis is around $50,000 for each “successful” suicide killing.
The rate is lowest in southern Iraq, where there are plenty of pro-Iranian Shiite gangs. They can earn $20,000 to $30,000 from Iranian intelligence for murdering or injuring British soldiers. There, as in Israel, Iranian intelligence sends over advanced bombs and operating technology through the Hizballah. The bombs come with electronic means of concealment.
debkafile‘s counter-terror sources add that in recent weeks, the British have got wind of Iranian agents making contact with extremist Muslim groups especially in the Manchester region of northern England. They are recruiting terrorists for strikes inside the UK. Observers noted that in the Jerusalem Day hate demonstrations in Tehran Friday, Oct. 28, the number of placards calling “Death to America” and “Death to Britain” outnumbered those demanding “Death to Israel.”
Our Tehran sources report that the Iranian leadership decided to assign Iran’s intelligence services to directly engineer terrorist operations against Western and Israeli targets for four reasons:
1. The approach of November 24, the day the UN nuclear watchdog’s board convenes in Vienna to decide finally when to refer Iran’s nuclear case to the UN Security Council. This could lead to economic sanctions and an oil embargo. Iran has no intention of being deprived of its nuclear options which it regards as its crowning strategic achievement. This is why Iranian leaders are harking back to the slogans of the Khomeini Islamic revolution of the seventies, threatening to obliterate Israel and cursing against America and Britain who would take their prize away.
2. The US-British-French campaign against the Assad regime in Damascus and Syria’s grip on Lebanon is seen as a strategic threat to Tehran’s military and diplomatic foothold in the eastern Mediterranean. Ahmadinejad’s bellicose rhetoric may have been meant to haul Syrian president Bashar Assad back from the inclination to knuckle under.
3. The US-instigated Lebanese crackdown on Palestinian militias in Lebanon is expected to be the prologue to heavy pressure to get Hizballah disarmed. Iran has invested too heavily and too long in building the Lebanese Shiite terror group into a major military force as its second front against Israel to let this happen. Hizballah leaders will be directed from Tehran to resist their disarmament with all their might.
Iran-instigated terrorist operations in Iraq and Israel carry a threat of worse to come: the Iraqi terror arena and Hizballah’s terrorist and intelligence gamut are both potentially expandable to other countries in the Middle East and even Europe.
4. The British government has permitted ethnic Arab separatist fighters of Iranian Khuzestan to open a head office in London for liaison between the movement’s leaders and British intelligence and its military. This office also arranges the transfer of Arab recruits to British-controlled southern Iraq for training in sabotage tactics with Iraqi military instructors. Tehran is convinced this training operation is sponsored by the Americans and the British, or takes place at least with their knowledge. Therefore, Hizballah agents were sent to deliver to Shiite cells in Basra explosive devices capable of piercing British armored vehicles.

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