First Israeli air strike in Lebanon in 15 years after rocket attack

Israeli jets struck “terrorist targets’ in the Marjayoun region of South Lebanon early Thursday, Aug. 5, in retaliation for a three-rocket salvo against the Galilee town of Kiryat Shemona a day earlier. This was the first time Israeli had deployed its air force for attacks in Lebanon since the 2006 Lebanon war. It was the IDF’s second response to the rocket attack. First, wide-ranging IDF artillery fire pounded Lebanese border districts in four bursts of one hundred shells.

Hizballah venues were not targeted by either the air or the artillery assaults. Military sources cited Palestinian groups as likely responsible for the rocket fire.

The military spokesperson warned that any attacks on civilians would be deemed “terrorism” and continue to call forth severe retribution. “The State of Lebanon is held responsible for any actions coming from its territory for harming civilians in sovereign Israel..

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