First Israeli fatality from Jihad rocket, 5th Jihad terrorist killed, on Day 3 of IDF Gaza operation

An Israeli woman was killed and five people were injured in Rehovot by a direct rocket hit from the Gaza Strip on Thurs. May 11, Day 3 of the IDF Shield and Arrow operation against the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists in the Gaza Strip.

Thursday late afternoon, Jihad expanded its day-long rocket barrage to major towns of the Shfelah east of Tel Aviv, after the IDF killed Ahmed Abu Daka, deputy chief of the Jihad rocket section. His boss Ali Ali was taken out in early morning.  A total of five high-profile Jihad terrorists have now been targeted by the IDF for assassination in the three days since start the start of the operation.

During the day, Israeli air strikes continued against Jihad bases and rocket stores in Gaza, while hundreds of rocket continued to fly against Israeli locations abutting the enclave, hitting two buildings and injuring two victims. By evening, Rehovot, Rishon Lezion, Ashkelon, Beer Yaakov, Ramle, and Ain Hashlosha also came under attack. Iron Dome defense batteries continued to down most of the incoming rockets in time. The direct hit to an apartment building in Rehovot, killing a woman and injuring five, caused the first Israeli casualty.

There has been no reliable news of a ceasefire thus far, despite heavy pressure on Israel from Egypt, the US and UN to agree to a truce. Following unconfirmed reports that negotiations in Cairo may bear fruit later Thursday night. the Prime Minister’s Office informed Knesset lawmakers: “As of now, there is no ceasefire.”

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