First photos of weapons Jordanian security seized in raids of Hamas hideouts in Amman

debkafile‘s counter-terror sources report Hamas spies were caught in observations of Jordanian government buildings, power stations and Jordanian oil pipes and fuel depots, preparatory to attacks. Some 15 Hamas activists were taken into custody. Raids of their hideouts turned up a quantity of missiles, explosives and automatic weapons smuggled into the kingdom in the last two weeks. (see picture)
The discovery of the Hamas plot sparked the last-minute cancellation of the Palestinian FM Mahoud a-Zahar’s visit to Amman Wednesday, April 19.
Since those Hamas operatives and the contraband hardware were smuggled into the kingdom from Syria, the conspiracy against the Hashemite Kingdom must have been hatched by its Damascus-based leaders, Khaled Meshaal, Mussa Marzuk and Imad al Alami, Hamas operations officer and head of its Intifada Commission. This was not the first Hamas plot against the Jordanian throne. In 1999, its leadership was kicked out of Jordan for subversion. Amman officials also take it for granted that Syrian intelligence was in on the Hamas smuggling operation to neighboring Jordan, which was first disclosed by the Jordanian government spokesman Nasser Judeh Tuesday.
Hamas government spokesman accused Jordan of fabricating the allegation under US influence to boycott the new Palestinian government.
debkafile‘s Amman sources add: Jordan-Hamas rancor peaked in early March when Meshaal was accused of meddling in the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood branch’s vote for a Chief Guide to bring his man, Salem Thunaibat to office with Jamil Abu Baqar as his deputy. King Abdullah and his security chiefs are worried about the Hamas-led Palestinian government providing logistical backing for a Muslim Brotherhood attempt to seize power in Amman.

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