Five Iranian-backed militia killed in Syria in alleged Israeli air strike – report

Air strikes attributed to Israel south of Damascus and in Daraa Monday night, Aug. 31, are reported by Syrian opposition sources to have killed five Iranian-backed militiamen and injured ten. They say that the raids hit Syrian military positions on the outskirts of Damascus and its international airport. Hizballah positions in the southern town of Daraa were also said to have been targeted.

Contrary to these unconfirmed reports, the Syrian news agency SANA cites a military official as claiming that a civilian woman was killed in those air strikes as well two others who were killed and seven injured. The agency adds that Syria air defense systems were activated against “enemy targets over Damascus.

If confirmed, this would be the latest reported IDF raid on pro-Iranian targets in Syria after relative inaction since early August. No comment has come from Israel. Hizballah has threatened to kill an Israeli soldier for every fighter who loses his life in an IDF attack in Syria, but so far missed its aim in three attempts.

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