For Ahmadinejad, It Is the Key to a Global Islamic Revolution

The rulers of the Islamic Revolutionary Republic of Iran make no secret of their objectives. World representatives taking part in the resumed nuclear negotiations with Iran in Geneva this week are invited to read a new book in Arabic out in Beirut, sponsored by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and funded by the Iranian government, which confirms for the first time in print Tehran's prime goal of a nuclear weapon in the belief that it will hasten the coming of the Shiite messiah.
Entitled "Ahmadinejad and the Coming World Revolution," one of the book's first sentences is: "When Iran officially announces it has a nuclear bomb, the whole world will rejoice."
The writer, Shahdi Faqih, a Lebanese Shiite journalist and researcher, calls Ahmadinejad the "Military Mahdi" and asserts that the Mahdi himself (the Shiite Messiah), known also as the Invisible Imam, will arrive soon because 13 out of the 15 preconditions for his coming have been fulfilled.
With his arrival, says the writer, all the worlds' inhabitants will convert to the Shiite brand of Islam and the Shiah will dominate the world and rule mankind.
The book has been printed in hundreds of thousands of copies and secretly circulated across the Arab world.
After spending months in Tehran with the Iranian president, Faqih affirms Ahmadinejad's profound belief that the imminent coming of the Mahdi is closely bound up with Iran's success in arming itself with a nuclear weapon.

A nuclear bomb is part of the destiny the Mahdi assigns Iran

The West takes the president's aggressive prediction that the world will soon come under Shiite domination as a performance designed to enhance Iran's bargaining position against the world powers. This gambit is expected to disappear when its usefulness is exhausted. However, the book makes it clear that far from being a gambit, it is the faithful expression of the president's consuming belief that a nuclear bomb is the key to the messiah's coming and Iran's destiny. Iran is called by that destiny to impose its will on the nations of the region and destroy Israel. This conviction – and no other – guides Ahmadinejad's actions at home and in the international arena, says the author.
The Iranian president is responsible for the construction of the magnificent complex around a sumptuous hotel at the Jamkaran well near Tehran, where Shiites and all Iran believe the Invisible Imam (Emaam-e Zaman) is hiding until he emerges to save the world. Ahmadinejad is certain that only two pre-conditions still keep him from emerging from the well:
Pre-condition Number One: Iran must be in possession of a nuclear bomb. According to the book, Ahmadinejad is convinced that the Madhi must be furnished with the most destructive of weapons to carry forward his promised world revolution. Iran and its president have been entrusted with the sacred mission of laying in a store of nuclear arms, missiles and other weapons of mass destruction for the Invisible Imam's use.
Pre-condition Number Two: The Mahdi's assistants must come out of the Jamkaran well to find out if conditions are right for his coming. Their first task will be to ascertain that an Iranian nuclear weapon awaits him.

He is sure he is the Mahdi's General

Depicted on the book's cover is a photo of Ahmadinejad against the background of US soldiers fighting in Iraq and two lines of fictional text fancifully attributed to Ayatollah Ruhollah Khamenei, founder of Iran's Islamic revolution and contemporary spiritual leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.
They are quoted as ordaining the Iranian president as the military leader charged with the mission of "liberating Al-Quds (Jerusalem)" and telling him to hurry up and produce a nuclear weapon so as to hasten the messiah's coming. This mission may not be compromised by concessions.
The book praises the Iranian president and his noble qualities to the skies as "the Mahdi's General" and "the shining star of world politics." Ahmadinejad's ascension to power is said to have struck fear in the world at large whereas it caused Muslims to celebrate the rise of a man with the courage to lead them to deliverance.
He goes on to describe how the president receives secret guidance from the Madhi in the well. Every morning, they hold a question-and-answer session at the Jamkaran fountain. Ahmadinejad throws in his requests and questions. He alone is privileged to hear the answers.
If he shares them with anyone, it is most likely with his two clerical allies, Ayatollah Mesbah-Yazdi and Grand Ayatollah Mohammad Bahjat, the most radical members of Iran's religious establishment and its most ardent supporters of Tehran's nuclear drive.
DEBKA-Net-Weekly's sources report that as the book's 216 pages unfold, the impression is gained that the 15 pre-conditions laid down for the messianic appearance were dreamed up by this trio.

The Mahdi sent the Americans to Iraq for their downfall

Revealed here are seven of the 13 pre-conditions that have been realized:
1. The settling of the Jews in Palestinian.
2. The emergence of an Islamic leader (Ayatollah Khomeini) from the holy city of Qom in central Iran to start the Shiite Revolution.
3. The establishment of an authentic Muslim army, namely, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps.
4. The rise of a revolutionary Islamic regime on Iranian soil.
5. The strengthening of the seed of the Prophet Muhammad. This is a reference to the Shiite clerics who sport black turbans. DEBKA-Net-Weekly's Iranian experts explain that these religious men bear the title of Sayyed and are considered direct descendants of Muhammad.
6. Warfare waged against the enemies of Islam in the Holy Land. Ahmadinejad has identified this warfare as Hizballah's battles across the borders of Israel. The Lebanese Shiite organization's successes are interpreted as signifying the Mahdi's approval.
7. The US army's invasion of Iraq and its difficulties there. The Iranian president maintains the Mahdi sent America to Iraq in order to drive it into a steep decline as a world power – a process quickened by the momentum of military defeats.
According to the book, Ahmadinejad does not believe the world's Islamic revolution will be achieved by means of weapons bought from the infidels. They must all be manufactured by Iranian hands, including nuclear arms.

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