Former UN Inspector Kay Promises Discovery Soon

In a secret briefing given to senior American officers and officials serving in Baghdad, former United Nations Chief Weapons Inspector David Kay is reported exclusively by DEBKA-Net-Weekly‘s military and intelligence sources as assuring his audience that very soon he would be able to exhibit proof of weapons of mass destruction having been developed by the Saddam Hussein regime.

Deputy of former UNSCOM chief Richard Butler, Kay was chosen by the Bush administration to supervise the search by a special task force for the missing arsenal in consideration of his high international standing as a scientist and reputation for integrity.

This week, Kay reported he was close to producing the evidence. He said the force had unearthed “tons of Iraqi documents” including maps never before available to any party outside Saddam’s most trusted circle. The Americans scientists and technicians burrowing through the mounds of papers have already concluded that the proofs needed by the American and British governments of the deposed Iraqi rule’s possession of chemical and biological weapons are there to be found.

Asked by an officer in the audience if he believed the actual weapons would turn up too, Kay said he had no doubt that they would. According to our sources, he reported that the American search team had this month uncovered a mass grave in the eastern Iraqi town of Buqaba in which 3,000 bodies were counted. Iraqi officers in American custody revealed that that this grave contained the bodies of prisoners on whom Iraqi military scientists had performed chemical toxic experiments.

Tests carried out on the bodies have so far not yielded clear results and so the US government has decided to withhold the discovery for the time being.

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