Four arrested in Kabul hotel bombing which left 8 dead Monday

A Taliban spokesman warned more attacks would target Westerners and the foreign military eating at Kabul restaurants, a day after eight people were killed, including a Norwegian reporter and an American, in a brazen suicide-shooting attack on the five-star Kabul Serena Hotel. The UN Secretary said Norwegian foreign minister Jonas Gahr Stoere was the target. He was unhurt.
Four men were arrested, included one of the gunmen who was disguised in police uniform. They were found with a video made by two of the attackers. The fourth was caught fleeing to Pakistan.
Amrullah Saleh, the head of Afghanistan’s intelligence service, said the hotel was stormed by three terrorists. A guard shot and killed one attacker at the gate to the hotel’s parking lot, triggering his suicide vest.
A second attacker blew himself up near the entrance to the hotel’s lobby, and the third attacker made it inside the hotel and shot his way through the lobby and toward the gym, which is popular with foreign embassy personnel.
Saleh named as mastermind of the attack Mullah Abdullah, a close ally of Siraj Haqqani, a well-known Islamist leader based in Miran Shah, in Pakistan’s tribal region of North Waziristan. The U.S. military has a $200,000 bounty out on Haqqani.

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