France wants more sanctions on Iran for stonewalling UN nuclear probe

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) reports no progress in its efforts to establish whether or not Iran is developing nuclear warheads, enriching uranium for military purposes, testing nuclear explosives or building nuclear-capable missiles.
The draft report handed out Monday, Sept. 15, to IAEA board members in Vienna, attributes this lack of progress to Iran’s non-cooperation with the inquiry. Tehran has so far done very little effort to disprove the allegations,” says the report, besides dismissing the documentation used to back them up as “forged” and “fabricated.”
Until cooperation is forthcoming, says the report, it is impossible to state whether or not Iran is running a covert nuclear military program or developing a nuclear bomb.
Furthermore, despite three rounds of UN Security Council sanctions, Iran has not stopped nuclear enrichment. At present, 4,800 centrifuges are operating and another 2,000 are getting read to start work in the near future.
debkafile‘s Iranian sources report that the Tehran administration has never been more contemptuous of the UN, international diplomacy and potential sanctions, certain that the prospect of a US and Israeli military strike on its nuclear facilities is receding further day by day.
“Threats by the Zionist regime and America against our country are empty,” said defense minister Mostafa Mohammad Najjar,”

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