French FM Kouchner: The Iranian nuclear crisis forces the world to prepare for the worst – which is war

In a series of press, radio and TV interviews, Sunday, Sept. 16, Bernard Kouchner also said he had advised large French companies not to respond to tenders issued by Tehran. debkafile adds: France thus joined the economic sanctions imposed by the US, Britain, Japan and Germany on Iran for refusing to give up uranium enrichment, but implicit in Kouchner’s advice was a word of caution to French companies to stay clear of business complications with a nation on the brink of war.
The French foreign minister, who is clearly focusing on the Middle East, spoke shortly after visits to Iraq, Lebanon and Israel and the Israeli air force operation over Syria ten days ago. Paris sees ominous signals in the expanding Iranian intervention in combat against US forces in Iraq by stepped up weapons deliveries to the insurgents and their training, and the rising military tensions between Israel and Syria – all under the cloud of the nuclear issue.

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