Gaza crossings resealed Tuesday after Palestinians fire 9 missiles

The first salvo of seven Qassam missiles damaged buildings in the Eshkol farm district Monday, Nov. 17, followed by two in the evening that were aimed at Sderot. There were no casualties. Still, Israeli allowed 33 truckloads of supplies into Gaza following heavy international pressure and UNWRA renewed food supplies to the population. But fuel shipments are held up for as long as the Palestinians shoot rockets, missiles and mortars into Israel. In two weeks they have fired 140 projectiles, effectively terminating the informal truce agreed in June and up for renewal next month. Israeli forces are under orders to maintain a low-level response.
Following Hamas threat to bombard Ashkelon with long-range Grad rockets, the city hall has opened public bomb shelters, while the city of Ashdod to the north ordered shelters prepared. Several ministers as well as opposition leaders are demanding an effective military campaign against the terrorist groups ruling Gaza before it is too late. They say the Gaza truce, due for renewal next month, has become a farce.

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