Gaza Palestinians plant anti-tank IED trap on Israeli side of border

debkafile‘s military sources report that Israel military scouts uncovered a high-powered anti-tank IED trap near Kissufim on the Israeli side of the Gaza border Sunday, Oct. 12. It was composed of four large interlinked devices rigged to blow up in sequence.
A fifth bomb just inside Gaza was located to detonate when Israeli reinforcements and emergency teams came up to tend to the casualties from the first series of explosions.
The IDF command believes the hand behind the bomb trap was the Iranian-backed Jihad Islami. It was intended to provoke a military clash with Israel forces chasing the bombers into Gaza that would shatter the ceasefire that has been more or less in place since June 20.
According to intelligence sources, Jihad Islami has determined to torpedo the truce in order to derail the Hamas-Fatah fence-mending talks taking place in Cairo under Egypt’s aegis. Jihad may even have contracted the Dorghmush clan, which is at daggers drawn with Hamas, to set up the bomb trap.
Our Middle East sources report that Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas failed Sunday to persuade Syrian president Bashar Assad to bring his influence to bear on Hamas leaders to be more accommodating in the Cairo talks. Assad shrugged off Abbas’ appeal and extended a frigid welcome to his Palestinian visitor.

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