Gaza truce faces increasing domestic fire in Israel

Shin Bet director Yuval Diskin reported more smuggled arms from Sinai were reaching Gaza in the first 72 hours of the Israel-Hamas truce and Palestinian combat training had been stepped up. Mahmoud Abbas’ rival Fatah had taken a serious beating.
Justice minister Prof. Daniel Friedman called the Israel-Hamas truce deal “a first-class strategic blunder.” He condemned the decision to reopen the crossings, especially the Rafah border terminal on the Egyptian border, without obtaining the captured Israel soldier Gilead Shalit’s release, as “mayhem” in governance.
In tones of “I told you so,” Israel’s military intelligence (AMAN) director, Brig. Amos Yadlin reported Sunday, June 22, the Gaza truce in force since Thursday
had fulfilled all Hamas goals: ending the siege, opening the door to international recognition of the terrorist group and a permit to continuing building up arms.
In his briefing to the Knesset foreign affairs and security committee, Brig. Yadlin warned that the Palestinian fundamentalists were now advancing on their next objectives, the West Bank takeover a year after their coup in Gaza, followed by the whole of Israel.
The intelligence chief assured the committee that Israel had offered no guarantee to withdraw from Golan for the sake of the indirect negotiations launched with Syria through Turkey’s good offices last month.

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