German-Israeli Moshe Sharon expected to be deported from Lebanon

The Israeli foreign ministry, stating that Daniel Moshe Sharon, 32, was not on any government mission in Lebanon, asked Germany to try and get him out of prison.
He was arrested by sheer chance on Friday after a Lebanese security officer suspected of shooting dead Moussa Hussein al-Shaalan in the Hizballah section of Beirut used his “German friend” at the Four Point Sheraton hotel as his alibi. When the police came to interview Sharon to confirm the alibi, they found he had dual citizenship, Israeli and German, and had visited Lebanon eleven times in two years. He was reported to have learned Arabic in which he was proficient from a Bahraini in the United Arab Emirates. Handed to Lebanese military intelligence, Sharon denied he was engaged in espionage.
In Israel, his father said his son lived permanently in Germany and traveled around the Arab world on business on a valid German passport. Daniel had embraced Islam when he was young and attended university in Jordan.

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