Gunmen ambush a Shiite minibus in Sunni Doura district of Baghdad killing 10 people.

The bus was returning from a Shiite funeral in Najef.
Also Tuesday, July 11, a suicide bombing outside the Baghdad government Green Zone left five dead, 10 injured. The heavily fortified compound houses the Iraqi government and the US and other embassies and military commands.
Sectarian street battles erupted in Baghdad Monday night as dozens of radical Moqtada Sadr’s Shiite militiamen raided Sunni districts swearing to “clear them out.”
Police sources reported dozens of gunmen storming into the Ghazaliya district after dark to attack two Sunni mosques. Earlier, two bombs in a Shiite district kill 12 and wounded dozens. Shiite gunmen ambushed a bus in a Sunni district and shot dead seven people.
Iraq`s prime minister pleaded for Iraqis to “unite as brothers” after 60 people were killed at the weekend in a sharp escalation of sectarian violence.

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