Why has Hamas’ armed wing restarted rocket strikes against Israel?

Benny Ben-Simon, Wallah News

After the last round of Palestinian rocket attacks against Israel earlier this month, a “senior IDF officer” promised there would be no more.
He was wrong. On Dec. 19, DEBKAfile asked in a special report why defense minister Avigdor Lieberman and senior IDF officers were pretending that the rocket fire coming from the Gaza Strip was the work of rogue or “rejectionist” Palestinian factions and against Hamas’ will? Why were they absolving the real culprit, Hamas’ armed wing, the Ezz e-din al-Qassem and tolerating its nefarious motives?

After a ten-day pause, the same implausible reasoning was trotted out again by IDF sources when on Friday, Dec. 29, a triple-rocket salvo was launched against Israel. One hit a building in the Shear Hanegev district, two were downed by the Iron Dome defense system. There were no direct casualties. However, the rockets exploded in the middle of a ceremony at Kfar Azza, at which the sorrowing family and friends marked the birthday of the late Shaul Oron, the Israeli soldier whose remains Hamas has held captive for three years. The attendees threw themselves on the ground, leaving empty chairs.
This scene made a mockery of the false promises made by the defense minister and IDF officers that no more rocket fire would be coming from the Gaza Strip. They know perfectly well that Hamas’ military chiefs are systematically targeting Israel to sabotage Egyptian efforts to mediate a reconciliation process between Hamas and the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority. This is the Hamas way to stamp on any glimmer of progress in these negotiations.
On Friday, Hamas commanders saw their chance to harm two foes by a simple expedient: Egyptian negotiations with the Palestinian Authority were going well enough the day before for them to talk about an imminent “summit” between PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas’ Gaza leader Ismail Haniyeh.
And on the Israeli side of the border, the family mourning an Israeli soldier was gathered to remember his birthday. By firing three rockets, Hamas’ armed wing broke up the two events, a “success” which it can be counted on to repeat in the absence of an effective deterrent. They are shooting rockets because they can.

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15 thoughts on “Why has Hamas’ armed wing restarted rocket strikes against Israel?

  • Dec 29, 2017 @ 18:32 at 18:32

    1. Congratulations on your superbly assembled/written story; whoever/whatever team is “on this” is a vast improvement upon earlier efforts which often produced discordant English translations that often impaired the comprehension of the story.
    2. History is easily forgotten and in many cases never learned. These incursions of hostile activity; completely outside of any formal agreements of peace, built upon almost seventy years of formal existence and world agency/cies recognition OF The State of Israel, (these incursions) NEED to be stopped/ halted/ and never again beyond this point in history; EVER allowed to plague the peace of this independent and sacred land dating back four thousand years.
    3. I see NO historic evidence of this land/ these lands which were given to a people chosen by the “I AM” of mankind’s history to substantiate the “Palestinian People/s” original possession of said lands.
    4. Please ADD the LinkedIn icon as it’s publications reaches that and twitter as well.
    Thanks and Shalom

    • Dec 30, 2017 @ 19:06 at 19:06

      Palestinian People were laborers who migrated here during Zionist investment. They shuld be sent back to where their parents came from.

  • Dec 29, 2017 @ 18:41 at 18:41

    Oliver is Babbling – Maybe time to adjust his meds???

  • Dec 29, 2017 @ 20:54 at 20:54

    Damn .. israel cant even stop a shit stain like hamas from firing rockets.

    Imagine if shit hits the fan and a war errupted with hizbulla…..those loones have like 700,000 missiles stored and ready to shower the state of israel.

    Would be nice to see arabs and jews fighting..lol


    • Dec 30, 2017 @ 1:03 at 1:03

      You’re a keyboard tough guy.

      • Dec 30, 2017 @ 11:02 at 11:02

        not really, just stating facts, nothing i can do if you get butt hurt that fast

    • Dec 30, 2017 @ 16:43 at 16:43

      You are obviously a very developed soul, with deep understandings of life.
      Your love and respect and attitude towards others is a true reflection of your future path in your life and all the benefits tied into that…You may reflect back one day with deep regret, but it will be too late.

      • Dec 31, 2017 @ 4:57 at 4:57

        Methinks, like in the photo, where your people of love and respect, who routinely shower the suffering Palestinian with state of the art maiming, are making an awfully big show over one fire work, you too make much of the lazy work of one retarded internet troll. I might also venture, that aged seventy, It must certainly be too late for the idolatrous national image of the lawless Zionist terror state.

    • Dec 30, 2017 @ 22:25 at 22:25

      You sound exactly like a shitstsin… how appropriate.

  • Dec 30, 2017 @ 0:10 at 0:10

    my instinct, and my previous observation tell me the reason why this is hapening now. Very simple. Iran is in trouble. In the past, when Iran has been in trouble, diplomatic trouble, they’ve had either hamas heat things up with israel in gaza, or hezbollah heat things up with israel on the lebanon/israel border. since there are demonstrations against the iranian regime starting, now, in iran….i suspect that this sudden tension in gaza may be an iranian effort to divert world attention from iranian domestic issues that the regime would prefer never attracts international notice. what better way than to have israel and hamas go a few rounds?

    • Dec 30, 2017 @ 14:02 at 14:02

      I agree with you wholeheartedly.

      As for the senior IDF official, just what planet is he on? How ridiculous to make that statement. He should be demoted forthwith. Lieberman is also disappointing. Perhaps he is losing his Russian touch to become more westernised. A pity.

  • Dec 30, 2017 @ 20:52 at 20:52

    “Why has Hamas’ armed wing restarted rocket strikes against Israel?”
    Why did the scorpion strike the Turtle?
    The Arabs have been drowning themselves for decades now you ask?

  • Dec 30, 2017 @ 21:09 at 21:09

    it is racial inclination to blood and violence,they excell at them

  • Dec 31, 2017 @ 11:11 at 11:11

    Very Simple..Turn in the rockets for cash…and live…
    You keep them ..You die with them.

  • Jan 2, 2018 @ 22:10 at 22:10

    Your government should notify Hamas that the next time a rocket is fired at your country that your air force will level a four-block area around the site of the missile launch, as well as another specific area such as an entire block containing apartments, or a high-rise building, a shopping mall, or other valuable target. A second missile attach will result in destroying more area around the launch site, and more specific high-value targets such as market places, etc. As an American I was ashamed and very angry at our last president (an Islamist who lied when he claimed to be a Christian so he could get elected).

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