Hamas calls for all-Palestinian West Bank terror offensive

debkafile‘s counter-terror sources report that Hamas media Wednesday night broadcast a call to all Palestinian organizations to enlist for an all-out terrorist offensive against Israeli military and civilian targets on the West Bank.
The immediate response was a bombing attack on an IDF vehicle on Route 60 south of the West Bank town of Hebron. No one was hurt.
Our sources add that Hamas is not threatening to end the Gaza truce.
Its West Bank terror offensive was announced to counter the IDF’s crackdown for the past week on its burgeoning presence on the West Bank by shutting down its institutions and sources of funding. The last straw for the Islamist Palestinian group was Israel’s military raid Tuesday of the Beit al Mal business mall in Nablus. The soldiers shut the center down for business, along with Hamas-owned bakeries and other profitable concerns.
debkafile‘s Middle East sources report that in Cairo, the talks Egyptian intelligence minister Gen. Omar Suleiman has been holding with Hamas leaders from Damascus and Gaza have reached an impasse over scaled up Hamas demands of Egypt and Israel:
1. Egypt must pledge the immediate reopening of the Rafah border terminal twice or three times a week without waiting for Israel to concur as required by international accords.
2. Israel must allow twenty times the present tonnage of goods to transit the Sufa and Nahal Oz crossings into Gaza
3. Israel must transfer to Hamas in Gaza the share of customs duties due to the Gaza Strip (proportionate to its population), which are deducted on incoming Palestinian commodities, instead of handing the entire sum to the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah.
Their leaders do not threaten outright to end the informal truce in Gaza, but they are avoiding discussing the fate of the Israeli soldier Hamas kidnapped more than two years ago.

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