Hamas claims 181 Fatah operatives were war spies for Israel, US intelligence

Disclosures appear this week in Hamas’ internal publications of an alleged spy ring of 181 Fatah members said to have passed intelligence to the Israeli enemy during last month’s hostilities, debkafile‘s exclusive sources report.
Hamas fighters are said to have executed some of the alleged spies during the fighting and shot and injured others. These descriptions indicate that Hamas spent more time hunting down and killing Fatah members than fighting the Israeli invaders.
Our sources report that as soon as the fighting wound down on Jan. 20, Hamas security officers did indeed round up scores of Fatah members.
Hamas names Muhammad Habash, brother of the social affairs minister in the Salam Fayad government in Ramallah, as ringleader of the spy network. He is charged with passing secrets which ended up in Israeli hands to the Ramallah-based Palestinian General Intelligence Service, according to the evidence of documents, correspondence and signals.
Hamas specifically names the Palestinian General Intelligence Service to imply US complicity, since US advisers have been training its members and supervising its operations.
Hamas further charges that the Palestinian and Israeli security services have been collaborating for the past year against Hamas. They moved their center of operations to the Gaza Strip just before the flare-up as part of what Hamas calls the “Abu Mazen conspiracy” to take advantage of the fighting to reinstate his Palestinian Authority in Gaza City. The PA was overthrown there by Hamas in 2007.
Hamas has timed its disclosures to coincide with the breakdown of its talks in Cairo for a long-term truce in Gaza that would have entailed patching up its quarrel with Fatah and establishing a Palestinian unity government. The Islamist rulers of Gaza are telling Cairo that it is pointless to ask them to make peace with traitors.

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