Hamas conducts big guerilla exercise in Gaza’s Al Burej camp focusing on maximum Israeli troop casualties and abductions

debkafile‘s military sources report: Heavily armed masked Hamas operatives performed field exercises Tues. Oct. 30 in anti-aircraft tactics, assaults on buildings occupied by Israeli troops, and methods of identifying and targeting Israeli undercover and special forces units. A special sniper unit also took part in the drill. The tactics Hamas demonstrated reflected lessons drawn from Hizballah’s experiences in battles with Israeli forces during the 2006 Lebanon War and techniques imparted in special training courses they attended in Iran and Syria.
Our military sources add that, like Hizballah, Hamas has set up small, swift units to meet an Israeli advance into the Gaza Strip with strikes from the rear and attacks on transport routes.
All Hamas tactics are geared ultimately to maximizing Israeli troop casualties and abducting hostages.
Last month, Egypt allowed 85 Hamas graduates of these courses to cross Sinai and return home to Gaza.

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