Hamas fires same heat missile as al Qaeda, Taliban use in Afghanistan

Unlike Hamas’ homemade primitive Qassams, the two advanced C5K anti-tank missiles fired at Israeli forces on guard duty outside Kibbutz Alumim Sunday, Dec. 6, are of foreign manufacture and must have been smuggled into the Gaza Strip very recently. debkafile‘s military sources report: Once used from helicopters by the Russian army, these weapons are armed with a 4-kilo heat warhead which rides the thermal waves emitted by tanks and armored vehicles with destructive fragmentation impact.
The S5K started life in China in the 1950s as an airborne missile called Norinco S-5. It was further developed by East European countries in the Soviet era. In the last four years, al Qaeda fighters in Iraq and Afghanistan, along with Taliban, began using the C5K as a ground-to-ground missile against armored American forces.
According to Israeli military sources, the first weapons have now reached Hamas after being smuggled from Iraq to the Persian Gulf then through the Red Sea Sinai and into the Gaza Strip, defying Egyptian and Israeli efforts to block the tunnels.
debkafile‘s military sources note a repetition of the history of the 2006-2009 years, when the IDF stood by as Hamas upgraded its arsenal with sophisticated new munitions, only resorting to long-delayed action in January of this year.
Hamas is certainly at the receiving end of the C5K missiles, because the only 50 tunnels which can accommodate their transit are under its full control.
Neither has the Israeli military been ordered to take action over the discovery last week of a large cache of bomb vests and explosives in the Egyptian-Gaza border town of Rafah, along with intelligence confirmed by Egypt that Hamas was gearing up to launch a new suicide terror offensive. To read this article, click

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