Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal and Mahmoud Abbas visit Cairo Wednesday on same day as Israeli foreign minister Tzipi Livni

The Egyptian resident’s office in Cairo left Livni’s office in Jerusalem in the dark about his plan to try his hand at mediation between the Olmert government, Abbas and Hamas, according to debkafile‘s Middle East sources. They also neglected to inform the Israeli minister that after her talks with Mubarak, she would be led to see Egyptian intelligence minister Omar Suleiman and that Mashaal would follow directly in her footsteps.
Mubarak will hear out the Israeli minister’s report on her government’s position regarding the boycott of a Hamas government, after which he will describe how he has co-existed with the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas’s parent organization, for 25 years. He will urge Israel to follow his example.
According to debkafile‘s sources the Egyptian military mission posted to the Gaza Strip gave intelligence headquarters in Cairo an advance tip of the coming Hamas election win, but omitted to brief the Americans and Israelis.

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