Herzog: Hizballah has shot 1,600 rockets into Israel in eight days, 34 Thursday

Katyusha fire from Lebanon resumed over Tiberias, Carmiel, Rosh Pinah and Galilee Thursday morning, Day Nine of the Hizballah war.
Wednesday night, a Katyusha rocket killed two brothers aged 3 and 7, Rabiya and Mahmoud Taluzi, as they played outside their home in Nazareth. Twenty-seven people were injured. Up to 200 Katyusha rockets in wave after furious wave struck Galilee Wednesday afternoon, singling out Haifa, Carmiel, Tiberias, Nahariya and Safed, where there were four casualties and substantial damage. The smaller villages of Reches Ramim, Givat Avni and Kiryat Tivon also took punishment. Rockets started several fires and caused heavy damage to the Hula Valley’s farm crops and orchards at peak picking season. A main water pipe was damaged in Afula, leaving large area without water.
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One third of Israel is a warfront. Thousands of refugees have gone south out of harm’s way. Central Israeli towns, kibbutzim and moshavim have opened their homes to host refugees. More than a million civilians with many children are incarcerated in bomb shelters on the ninth day of Hizballah rocket fire. As a result, civilian casualties have been kept down to 15 dead. Israel’s third largest city Haifa is a ghost town, its key port and universities closed. Businesses, shops and summer schools are shut; factories and farms have suffered heavy damage. The tourist season at its peak is disrupted. Emergency teams and police are working overtime.

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