Hizballah struts drill of elite Radwan conquest of Israeli village before foreign observers

Hizballah’s elite Radwan battalion went through its paceson Sunday, May 21 – for the first time before invited foreign military observers. The unit’s tactics for capturing an Israeli target were proudly displayed before military guests, invited to to the unprecedented event on the occasion of “Liberation Day.” Uniformed fighters were shown attacking an Israeli military vehicle, along with a suicide drone landing on an Israeli village, and a pair holding anti-tank weapons roaring past on motorcycles. The depcted the raid of an Israeli location in the style of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards.

Hizballah also unveiled its reputed precision rockets claimed able to hit any point on Israel’s map. The published notice of the event boasted that the display as “but the tip of the iceberg of our weapons arsenal.” The Lebanese terrorist group’s No.2, Hashem Safieddine declared that Hizballah was “completely ready to confront any aggression by Israel.”

Among the spectators were officials of the Palestinian Hamas from the Gaza Strip and Houthi insurgents from Yemen, both of which are sponsored by Tehran. Neither has ever been known to be invited to attend a military drill by Hizballah. The event was therefore a never-before-seen public ingathering of three of Iran’s most significant proxy forces.

No explanation was forthcoming for the Lebanese terrorists’ decision to go public for the first time since it was established in 1985. Armed, trained and funded by Iran,  Hizballah’s Radwan Battalion was ordered to send troops to fight for Bashar Assad  in the 11-year civil war against his regime, and remains in control of parts of Syria. Last week, after years of isolation, Assad was finally returned to the Arab fold with his first invitation to an Arab summit in Jeddah, following the epic diplomatic reconciliation between Saudi Arabia and Iran.  

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