How European Taxpayer Funds Arafat’s Payroll for Terror

On October 30, four days before an economic conference on the Middle East is due to open at Palma de Majorca, Germany announced it was transferring to the Palestinian Authority the sum of 250 million Deutschmarks. It may therefore be of interest to find out how the Middle East economy looks from the perspective of the Palestinian West Bank hub town of Ramallah, in the light of new discoveries revealed to debkafileby high-placed intelligence sources.
On October 22, when Israeli forces burst into the Ramallah headquarters of Yasser Arafat’s presidential guard known as Force 17, they found an extraordinary set of documents containing proof that the Palestinian leader was paying the entire body of Tanzim-Fatah terrorists out of his own “presidential” budget.
The figures were there in black and white. Every one of the 10,000 Tanzim activists was taking home 875 New Israeli Shekels – and had been ever since the Palestinian leader launched his armed confrontation against Israel last September. The Ramallah raid was carried out as part of a comprehensive punitive operation for the assassination of Israel’s tourism minister Rehavam Zeevi on October 17.
The captured documents included Arafat’s signed directive, issued three weeks before the outbreak of the intifada, to pay $22,000 each into the personal account of each of the leading Fatah terror masters for defray the costs of creating the terror spearhead body named the Tanzim. A corps of Palestinians was to be recruited who were prepared to engage in bombing, shooting, lynching and any other form of terror against Israel that was ordered by their masters. The recipients of these funds were the Tanzim commander Marwan Barghouti, Kemal Hamad, Ahmed Abayat (whom Israeli forces killed this month), Issam Abu Bakr and other Arafat trusties.
The documents showed exactly how Arafat’s office transfers the Tanzim payroll to the Ramallah offices of Force 17, whose paymasters distribute the wage packets.
debkafile‘s intelligence sources further report that Arafat fills those wage packets that keep his terror machine ticking over from the subsidies awarded the Palestinian Authority by European Union member governments, including Germany, Belgium, France, UK and Italy.
A simple reckoning shows that, since Arafat declared war on Israel 14 months ago, the European taxpayer has been contributing – unknowingly but regularly – around INS 8,750,000 (roughly US$219,000) per month to keep the Palestinian terrorist Tanzim militia afloat – a total of INS 122,500,000 (about US$31million) since September 2000.
International terror experts estimate Osama bin Laden’s war chest for his terror campaign worldwide as running to some $300m.The Ramallah Force 17 documents, showing only a small portion of Arafat’s outlay on his terror offensive against Israel alone, demonstrate that the Palestinian is spending funds on a scale not far short of the Saudi-born terrorist.

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