IDF: Gazan mother and four children killed by Palestinian explosives

The Israeli cabinet session opened Tuesday, April 29, in Jerusalem with prime minister Ehud Olmert voicing deep regret for the deaths of 4 Palestinian children and their mother in Bet Hanoun Monday, which two generals have been directed to investigate. He said he also regretted the Palestinian missiles hurting Israeli children and most of all, the Palestinians custom of mounting attacks out of populated areas so bringing their own innocents in harm’s way too.
As he spoke, 10 missiles were aimed at Sderot and two kibbutzim from Gaza.
The family died when two Palestinians carrying arms and large bags of explosives were hit near the family’s home in Beit Hanoun by an Israeli air attack shortly before they launched themselves against Israeli troops. The family was killed when the explosives blew up.
debkafile‘s military sources report Israeli patrol forces entered the Gaza side of the Erez crossing early Mon. April 28 for an operation to keep armed infiltrators, missile-launchers and snipers away from the border fence. The operation ended Monday night.
Two Israeli soldiers were slightly hurt in the day’s battles. Islamic Jihad and two other Palestinian factions said they launched several rockets before and after the home in Beit Hanoun was hit.
Hamas retaliated by blasting Sderot, Ashkelon, Netav Ha’asara in the north and Kerem Shalom in the south with at least 18 missiles and mortar fire. A woman was injured falling over in her rush for shelter. Several shock victims were treated. Netiv Ha’asara was hit by heavy 120mm mortars. The Israeli air force went into action twice.
All the civilian locations bordering on Gaza went on high alert for marauding terrorists.
In the last two weeks, Hamas gunmen breached the border fence four times with fatal results. One incident, a major armored vehicle attack on Israeli civilians at Kerem Shalom, was foiled ten days ago.
As Israel-Palestinian clashes escalated Monday, Hamas called on all armed Palestinian wings to join forces for a wholesale assault on Israel, dashing the prospects of Egypt’s bid to negotiate a ceasefire in Gaza.
Palestinian representatives mevertheless set out for Cairo to discuss terms. The food convoys continued to roll into Gaza from Israel through the Sufa crossing in the south.

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