IDF must grab the initiative to curb Hamas’ violent assaults on the Gaza border

Reporters on the scene attested to the protest turnout for Hamas’ second March for Return on Friday, April 6, being about one-third of last week’s figure – 15-20,000 at most. Neither is the Palestinian casualty figures of 9 dead, and 1,000 injured, including 293 from Israeli fire, confirmed, as being the result of IDF tear gas and live fire. The IDF succeeded in stopping armed Palestinians from breaking through the border fence, while coming under eight attacks from explosive devices lobbed over the fence.

The Palestinians presented those made-up figures in their second try Friday night for a UN Security Council condemnation of Israel and the creation of a commission of inquiry. The US stepped in to defeat the move.
The impression gained from reliable sources watching the events in the Gaza Strip was that Hamas fell flat in its bid to build on Friday’s momentum for a large crowd of demonstrators, and compensated by inflating all the figures. Furthermore, the tactic of setting thousands of tires on fire for black smoke to screen violent actors from IDF snipers fizzled, as did the plan to use mirrors to dazzle the shooters. If those tactics worked, how come there were so many Palestinian casualties?
The Palestinian extremist group’s second attempt to use a “peaceful demonstration” as cover for knocking over the border wall and “marching all the way to Al Aqsa” may be seen as a partial flop. But only thus far. The IDF’s successful score this time round is qualified. Hamas has not given up on its six-week campaign up to mid-May or even asked for a truce. The IDF is being forced to maintain heavily reinforced strength on the Gaza border and hold to a defensive posture, while facing constant assault by Hamas. The troops must stay out of harm’s way while avoiding retaliating for Hamas provocations so as to avoid inflicting casualties on civilian demonstrators. The question asked by DEBKAfile’s military sources is this: Why does Israel put up with this untenable situation? Why don’t the troops cross into the Gaza Strip and, at the very least, pull down the tent encampments Hamas has set up for mass protesters to cover its terrorist assaults? Why is the Israeli military held back from preempting those assaults while still in preparation, or striking deep at sensitive Hamas military targets? Must the IDF stand guard on the border until mid-May without grabbing the initiative from these Palestinian extremists?
Israel’s military chiefs may be trying to tell Hamas that if it holds back from striking inside Israel, the IDF will respect the same rule with regard to the Gaza Strip. However, the message getting across to the rulers of Gaza is that they can carry on with their campaign of violent pressure on the border, in the certainty that the IDF will not initiate any action to stop it. The Israeli military must therefore take action to correct this impression before the Gaza border duel gets out of hand.

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32 thoughts on “IDF must grab the initiative to curb Hamas’ violent assaults on the Gaza border

  • Apr 7, 2018 @ 10:23 at 10:23

    forget the snipers use the machine guns

    • Apr 7, 2018 @ 10:36 at 10:36

      Israels problem is the weird Political worldopinion,
      not the Hamas.

      Arne Strand.Sweden.

      • Apr 7, 2018 @ 14:41 at 14:41


      • Apr 8, 2018 @ 8:31 at 8:31

        It’s not weird- it is anti-semitic. Europe learned nothing from WW2 and have reverted to their default position – hate Jews, though they are being more circumspect about it because it doesn’t sell as well as it used to. They are kow-tow
        ing to the Muslims who dump many millions into the EU thugs who rule the tyranny that is Europe.

  • Apr 7, 2018 @ 12:28 at 12:28

    Well… Just goes to show… That Israel and the Jews will have severe issues to deal with until God ethnically cleanses the land from Jews. And many Israelis… To the point of Gog & Magog. Then the land will be completely liberated. And Jerusalem & Israel is ‘reset’… To allow God’s people to return home… That means ‘the House of Joseph.’ They have the birthright… Not Judah…

    • Apr 7, 2018 @ 15:00 at 15:00

      You should remain anonymous, so more people will not find out, that your brains are spewing only top quality, imported liquid s^*t from Gaza !

    • Apr 7, 2018 @ 15:59 at 15:59

      As a Christian I would happily join the IDF at the fence and hold the line shoulder to shoulder with some of the finest young men and women in the world. The Jewish state of Israel is one of the great miracles of our time. Theirs is a piece of real estate like no other. The God of Israel owns it. It is not to be divided…given away…or negotiated.
      God bless the Jewish people in this hour of need. My prayers are with you.

      • Apr 7, 2018 @ 19:35 at 19:35

        Dan Dale- You have a great heart and soul! God bless you and your family.

        • Apr 7, 2018 @ 20:33 at 20:33

          Thank you, Dan ! Every honest word helps !

    • Apr 7, 2018 @ 19:13 at 19:13

      No annonyass coward what you show is we will have severe issues until the planet is rid of people like you. Jews are surrounded by your ilk on one side, stupid muslims on the other side. Libtards on another side and neo nazis yet on another side in a Jew hating world. The fundamental Christian attitude you show here is no different than the fundamental Islam that exists in the world today.

    • Apr 8, 2018 @ 1:41 at 1:41

      Anonymous Coward is also a douche bag.

    • Apr 10, 2018 @ 2:33 at 2:33

      Your facts are seriously flawed ‘house of Joseph’? Not House of Judah? Who is exactly your version of ‘G’s People?

      So will the Land of the Jews be ethnically cleansed of Jews? Really..
      Birthright ? Do you even know the history of Israel and the Family of Jacob, the House of Israel, clearly not..
      Before pontificating , stating your opinion as fact, and trying to denigrate my family, please go back to do some serious homework and don’t believe everything they tell you at your mass or Sunday school..

      While the Jewish people respect other people’s religious beliefs, your talk of the Jewish People being wiped off its own Land, is more similar to a genocidal wish, a disgusting thought that you appear to relish. You should be ashamed of yourself. We certainly won’t count you among our friends.. Watch out maybe you marking yourself for something that will be seriously unpleasant..Or you have already obviously with views such as your have stated..

      Are you even aware of the Mashiach line from King David? Is that House of Josef?

      You can rationalize all you want but your facts are completely flawed.. and emotional clutching at straws at best..

      While we believe that Mashiach Ben David will be our Messiah and that Mashiach Ben Yosef is involved in some way, it’s certainly not your version of who Mashiach Ben Yosef is..

      Israel always will be the Land of the Jewish People, Homeland of the Jewish People, Land given to us by the Master of the Universe.

      If you really wanted to check something factual and not talk nonsense, please go check the history of the Land and let us know when the Land has ever prospered without the Jewish People..
      The answer is never..

      It is the Land of the Jews, you can take the rest of the world..
      The Jewish people are the eternal people and whomever has risen against us in the history of the world has been destroyed.
      Have you missed something?

      We have a very Powerful Father. He is Omnipresent… And He Protects us and enables us to be Safe ..

      Warning: He doesn’t like anyone messing with his kids..
      Those that bless Israel are blessed and those that curse are..
      Please finish the sentence.. Or maybe you have already..

  • Apr 7, 2018 @ 12:46 at 12:46

    No annonymous coward what you show is we will have severe issues until the planet is rid of people like you. Jews are surrounded by your ilk on one side, stupid muslims on the other side. Libtards on another side and neo nazis yet on another side in a Jew hating world. The fundamental Christian attitude you show here is no different than the fundamental Islam that exists in the world today.

  • Apr 7, 2018 @ 13:39 at 13:39

    Make a start by firstly bombing to rubble the mansions of Hamas leaders in Gaza. Then target the leaders if they are still alive.

  • Apr 7, 2018 @ 14:55 at 14:55

    I love your idea, Red Marney, . . . and I would add that a half dozen napalm dropping sorties would also add to the idea that they need to go elsewhere and do something else. Those are not civilians on the hill, . . . they are enemy invaders, . . . need to be greeted and treated as such.

  • Apr 7, 2018 @ 14:57 at 14:57

    violent protesters?
    they are damaging your snipers’ bullets with their body i assume
    is that it.

    • Apr 7, 2018 @ 16:28 at 16:28

      Challenge for neroy: You stand there, neroy, with your hands tied and let the Terrorstinians fire slingshots, throw rocks at your face and burn tires around your neck. Then, if you are still here, tell us about your theory that Israel should remain silent and do nothing to defend its borders – and just allow them to march in and take over just because they want to.

      Why do leftists think that a world without borders will in any way help anyone? How does a violent world with armed terrorists blowing up Christmas markets, subways, city centers, etc., help you and your family live civilized lives?

      Are you so stupid that you think accommodating violent political-Islamist-ideologies will make the world better and safer? Leftism really is a disease of the mind!!

    • Apr 7, 2018 @ 18:00 at 18:00

      “neroy” An utter and complete, imbecile. Maybe you’d like to be the recipient of a 10kg block of concrete fired from their “peaceful” catapults? Dickhead.

    • Apr 7, 2018 @ 20:37 at 20:37

      neroy – another damaged creature, that is spewing Gaza’s export quality liquid s^*t !

  • Apr 7, 2018 @ 15:37 at 15:37

    If you knowingly go to a violent confrontation zone every Friday, you are not entitled to any special privileges. You know you face the risks, including losing your life. There should be NO sympathy, when they complain about deaths and injuries. Target practice for the IDF.

  • Apr 7, 2018 @ 16:15 at 16:15

    One fact lost to the spinmeister leftist supporters of Terrorstinians is that terrorists are violently storming Israel’s borders – Israelis are not storming Terrorstinian-ruled Gazan borders. Israelis are keeping them out of Israel to defend its citizenry from Terrorstinians.

    The Nakba (or catastrophe) is really about the Terrorstinian hate, antisemitism, and UN support for endlessly preventing Terrorstinians from being accepted and repatriated as citizens of the Arab countries that keep the Terrorstinians as proxy terrorists in an international war on Judaism, Christianity and all others who are not followers of Muhammad.

  • Apr 7, 2018 @ 16:59 at 16:59

    Inform UNESCO and other Muslim organizations that providing tires as a humanitarian supply for Gaza is not Ok. Confiscate all matches, lighters, gas and tires showing up at check points; only animal carts allowed for transportation.

    Passing through check points in or out allowed only for those carrying:
    – an approved portable or on wheels fire extinguisher;
    – gas mask and approved first aid kit;
    – certificate of training for first aid and firefight intervention valid for the month, from an approved official body.

  • Apr 7, 2018 @ 19:33 at 19:33

    Dan Dale- You have a great heart and soul! God bless you and your family.

  • Apr 7, 2018 @ 22:17 at 22:17

    Use vietnam proven good old napalm

  • Apr 7, 2018 @ 22:55 at 22:55

    Use ‘skunk spray’ on the bastards

  • Apr 8, 2018 @ 0:03 at 0:03

    People demanding return of their dead refugee ancestors to the land by polluting this land. And the world doesn’t notice that nonsense.

  • Apr 8, 2018 @ 1:16 at 1:16

    You are really dumb!!!!

  • Apr 8, 2018 @ 3:06 at 3:06

    I think that Hamas wants precisely these kinds of action. Think about it: they are trying to spin the fact that they are occupied, even though there isn’t anyone occupying Gaza but them. With the IDF entering the Strip on the other hand they would finally have the invader they wanted.

    The best course of action for the IDF is to play a different game: have Arabs living within Israel tell the Gazans how life is and how their lives could be much better without Hamas using them as meatshields. I doubt all those civilians would keep on protesting after facing some hard truths

  • Apr 8, 2018 @ 7:08 at 7:08

    I agree. Invading Gaza not called for yet. It is about perception and judgment about when that might be justified. Just not a big enough incident or successful enough attack. There is a line that would bring invasion, but we are not there yet. With a six-week program of “violent demonstrations” ahead, might want to save some levels of escalation. The scales will tip when Israel suffers casualties on the border or to terror infiltration.

  • Apr 8, 2018 @ 10:38 at 10:38

    From Debka’s Breaking News:

    “Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu thanked Israeli troops for protecting the country against those who “pretend to advocate human rights” while displaying a Palestinian flag marked with a Nazi swastika on the Gaza-Israeli fence. “What they really want is to trample the Jewish state,” said the prime minister in his comment on the violent riots staged by Hamas on Friday against the Israel-Gaza border fence.”

    The so-called “Palestinians” are once again showing their true colors!

  • Apr 8, 2018 @ 17:59 at 17:59

    Forget machine guns use plenty of napalm

  • Apr 9, 2018 @ 18:40 at 18:40

    God bless Israel

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