IDF simulates war-to-win strategy vs Hizballah

The IDF Tuesday, Sept. 5, embarked on its biggest military exercise against Hizballah in 19 years, with a radically revised mission in the face of a greatly empowered enemy (tanks and drones as well as 100,000 rockets and missiles) which is now embedded in Syria, not just in Lebanon.

Tens of thousands of ground, air, sea and intelligence units, including reservists – the IDF’s entire northern array – will simulate a Hizballah thrust across the border to occupy two Israeli locales in Galilee and the Golan. They will conduct simultaneous defensive and offensive operations deep behind enemy lines. The game plan is not to aim for a ceasefire and respite for the enemy to prepare for the next round, as the 2006 Lebanon war ended. This time, Israel strategists have set themselves the goal of defeating Hizballah convincingly enough to smash its morale and infrastructure and end its belief that it can destroy Israel the next time round
The exercise’s three military objectives are clearly laid out:

1.  Two sectors are defined for repelling a deep Hizballah thrust into northern Israel; (see map)

(a)  Hizballah is expected to go for the Metulla-Misgav sector on the Lebanese border, as well as the “Fatma Road” linking the Galilee hills north of Kiryat Shemona along the Israeli-Lebanese border.

(b)  Zarit-Shetula in western Galilee north of Nahariya, which is close enough to the Lebanese border for Hizballah troops to reach by land and through tunnels.

Israeli forces will practice driving the enemy out of occupied towns and villages, often using the element of surprise.

2. Another major IDF force will storm across the border into Lebanon for an effort to rapidly and decisively defeat Hizballah on its home ground. The defensive operation apart, the IDF is resolved to inflict on the enemy intolerable losses of life, infrastructure and territory.

This fighting-to-win strategy draws heavily on the negative lessons of the 2006 war, debkafile’s military sources report. Then, the IDF’s overreliance on air might for winning the war proved counterproductive. By the time ground troops were deployed to cross the border and challenge Hizballah, they were too few and too late.
3.  This time, the air force is practicing a different role in the conflict, in coordination with Israel’s heavily upgraded, multi-tier air defenses. They will not only be geared for contending with Hizballah’s vast 100,000 rockets and missiles, but also, for the first time, with a formidable fleet of assorted UAVs, which are designed to serve the enemy in multiple tasks: intelligence-gathering, delivering rockets and guided  drones packed with explosives.
Also for the first time, the IDF will prepare to order the evacuation of civilians, up to 75,000, from towns and village within close range of Hizballah fire. Their evacuation may take place by roads that are under enemy attack.

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8 thoughts on “IDF simulates war-to-win strategy vs Hizballah

  • Oct 2, 2017 @ 6:21 at 6:21

    What do you find it necessary to give such details in an open medium, that Israel’s enemies probably also read?
    Unless all this is opposite to what the real plans are!!

    Of course, the primary objective of any war is: to win. Not to fight for a cease-fire so the enemy can regroup and rebuild and fight another day!!

    Perhaps when Israel’s enemies realize that, it may change their thinking. But probably not.

  • Oct 21, 2017 @ 19:50 at 19:50

    When war is simulated it has two main advantages of 1) forewarning the enemy and thus forestalling a real war and 2) pschying up for the altimate should the enemy remain defiant.

  • Oct 27, 2017 @ 14:35 at 14:35

    This would be an ideal time to strike hizballah, given the distraction of the conflict in Syria & Iraq. The Rev. Guards are spread thin and traditional supply lines to Lebanon are occupied or blocked by foreign powers and no-fly zones. Most importantly, Trump’s administration would come to Israel’s aid if necessary, unlike Obama’s disdain for Israel.

  • Oct 29, 2017 @ 5:00 at 5:00

    Nuclear is the answer if anything happen’s, start with Iran, Syria and Lebanon all together !!!

    No other choice !!!

  • Oct 29, 2017 @ 17:14 at 17:14

    Any attack by Hezbollah on Israel will come from Tehran. Israel should make it clear that any attack by Hezbollah on the territory or people o Israel will be seen as an attack on Israel by Iran and will result in an overwhelming retaliation by Israel military assets.

    • Nov 2, 2017 @ 13:06 at 13:06

      Funny, so far Israel has been attacking Hez while they are busy killing terrorists in Syria. So if they retaliate what has that got to do with Iran?

  • Oct 31, 2017 @ 18:41 at 18:41

    For years, Israel maintained “strategic ambiguity.” Today – is anything left to be revealed?

  • Nov 4, 2017 @ 1:45 at 1:45

    @Peter, look what russian plane did, they poured millions of tons of bombs, they didn’t won on isis, they destroyed the all country with 80% civils casualties !!

    Tsahal will take 3 days to eradicate syrian regime, hizbollah and Iran, all together !!

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