Iran discloses execution of alleged Israeli spy to counter embarrassing IAEA findings

debkafile notes that Iran waited six days until Saturday, Nov. 22, before disclosing that Ali Ashtari, 45, was hanged on Nov. 17 after a revolutionary court in Tehran sentenced him on charges of spying for Israel.
Our Iranian and intelligence sources note that this and other disclosures were part of a new Iranian-Syrian propaganda campaign launched to counter the UN nuclear watchdog’s report that Iran has stocked enough enriched uranium for its first A-bomb. The Syrian site bombed by Israel was identified as a reactor.
Tehran also claimed Saturday that five men carrying Israeli weapons were intercepted on the Iran-Iraq border on their way to attacks inside the country.
Iran’s judicial spokesman said Ashtari was found guilty of relaying sensitive information on military, defense and research centers to Israeli intelligence officers who paid him 50,000 euros when he met them in Europe and Thailand. He was accused of supplying Iranian military and nuclear centers with electronic devices in which eavesdropping bugs had been planted for direct transmissions to Israel. Before his execution, the convicted man confessed to the charges and asked the Iranian people’s forgiveness.
Our Iranian sources report that the new propaganda campaign is additionally motivated by fear in Tehran and Damascus that an Israeli military strike is impending against Iran’s nuclear facilities, as well as three suspect Syrian sites barred to UN inspection. It is there that the nuclear activity interrupted by Israel’s bombardment in Sept. 2007 is believed to have been renewed.
By disclosing that Ali Ashtari was executed, Tehran is warning Israel that further deterrent action is on the way.

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