Iran diverts UF6 uranium from Isfahan to boost covert military nuclear project

Nuclear watchdog experts have found 50-60 tons of uranium, enough to produce five or six nuclear bombs, missing from Iran’s main nuclear production facility at Isfahan. The disappearance was discovered at the final stage of the production process, where UF6, uranium in gas form is stored, by the only CCTV Iran allowed the International Atomic Energy Agency to install at Isfahan.
US satellites have also identified a number of suspicious sites, not declared to UN inspectors. The UN inspectors and US intelligence suspect that the missing gas is being used to boost covert production of weapons-grade uranium at these secret sites.
Some of the hidden facilities are situated near the main nuclear production center at Isfahan. One was discovered in the Amir Abid residential district of Tehran. There, it is believed that the advanced P2 centrifuges operating in the covert production of enriched uranium.
debkafile‘s sources add that Isfahan produces low-grade 4-5 percent uranium, whereas weapons grade is enriched up to 90 percent. The upgrading process is not too complicated.
Tehran has been asked to account for the missing enriched uranium before the next IAEA board meeting later this month.

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