Iran proposes a US-Iran-Iraqi trilateral mechanism to coordinate security matters in Iraq

This was reported by US Ambassador Ryan Crocker after meeting his Iranian counterpart Hassan Kazemi-Qomi at the home of Iraqi PM Nouri al Maliki in Baghdad Monday, May 28. It was their first official dialogue in 27 years. The Iranian side did not respond to the concerns the US envoy laid out regarding Tehran’s support for militias fighting coalition forces, the explosives reaching insurgents from Iran and the demand to stop the activities of Revolutionary Guards. Neither did the Iranian diplomats have specific issues to put on the table, including the seven Iranians in US hands.
They did maintain that the coalition presence is an occupation and the effort to train Iraqi security forces inadequate.
Crocker said that Iran, Iraq, and his own delegation agreed on policy and guiding principles. In that respect the talks were positive. However, Washington wants to see Iran’s actions on the ground come into harmony with their policies. At present they are at cross-purpose. Iraq extended an invitation for another meeting. No issues came up outside the framework of Iraq security, Crocker asserted.

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