Iran Won’t Be Stopped

The top issue openly discussed in Islamabad during the Iranian president Mohammed Khatami’s three-day visit to Islamabad ending Thursday, December 26, was the big gas pipe project from southern Iran via Pakistan to India.

DEBKA-Net-Weekly‘s Iranian sources report that Pervez Musharraf is so keen on the project that, notwithstanding Pakistan-Indian frictions, he offered any guarantee Tehran wanted to secure the pipeline.

He also promised to stick to his commitment on the pipeline project regardless of American pressure on Pakistan and India to shun Iran’s advances.

Important though the pipe line is, it was also used to screen an even more pressing subject of discussion. Our sources add that Khatami brought with him in secret an Iranian nuclear delegation which got together quietly with the heads of the Pakistani nuclear industry. The Iranian nuclear executives came to Islamabad in response to an assurance that Pakistan would, this time, after previous refusals, be more forthcoming on Iranian requests to share technologies for building nuclear weapons – depending on how much Iran offered to pay.

DEBKA-Net-Weekly‘s military sources reveal that the two sides came to terms during Khatami’s visit after Iran agreed to fork out some $1 bn in the first stage and more depending how the agreement developed.

At the same time, our Iran experts stress that decision-making in Tehran operates on more than one senior track and what Khatami agreed in Islamabad may not be finite.

It so happens that while the Iranian president was setting up deals with the Pakistani president, intelligence and terrorist agents run by hard line spiritual ruler Ayatollah Ali Khamenei were sent into Kashmir set up operational links with radical Hurryat Kahsmir Conference leaders, Omar Farouq and Sheikh Abbas Ansari, and offer then generous funding. Under their auspices, several dozen Iranian agents are now operating in Indian Kashmir in the guise of businessmen, traders, irrigation experts and religious teachers. They are organizing Kashmir Muslim terrorist teams and transferring them to Iran and Lebanon for training.

The man in charge of this training program, according to our military sources, is Iranian Revolutionary Guards Col. Abbad Mir-Mohammadi.

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