Iranian experts devise special containers for clandestine delivery of arms to Gaza

debkafile‘s military sources report that Israel relayed a warning to Hamas through Egypt that any more Iranian or Syrian attempts to smuggle rockets or other heavy weapons into Gaza by land or by sea would be deemed a breach of the ceasefire and generate Israeli military action to stop them.
Our sources further disclose that Iranian marine experts and engineers, after making a study of submerged Mediterranean currents, have designed special containers for the clandestine shipment of arms to Gaza by sea.
The containers are dropped from freighters out at sea, plummet to a calculated depth and carried by the undercurrent to a point close to the Gaza shore. A built-in mechanism then shoots them up to the surface, where Gazan fishermen pick up the bobbing containers. A marine expert on deck of these Iranian freighters guides the captain to the exact location for dropping the container.
This is only one of Tehran’s covert tricks for shipping arms to Gaza. To beat them, the United States, Israel and Egypt will need to set a special military-marine intelligence outfit.
Iran’s huge investment of money and brainpower in this task is a measure of the strategic importance it attaches to its ties with Hamas and through them its presence in Gaza.

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