Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Take Command of Hizballah War

From Wednesday night, July 19, a secret Iranian airlift from Revolutionary Guards bases in Bandar Abbas has been ferrying war materiel for Hizballah to the Dumeir Syrian military airfield near Homs.

This air facility belongs to the Syrian-Iranian Scud missile factory.

DEBKA-Net-Weekly’s exclusive sources reveal that on the morning of Thursday, July 20, RG officers took direct command of Hizballah’s war against Israel in Lebanon – one command group operating out of a subterranean facility under the Iranian embassy in Beirut, a second from a forward command room set up at the Iranian embassy in Damascus.

A fresh consignment of Iranian weapons, including new systems, was handed to the Hizballah fighters as the two command centers started functioning. Their impact is expected to be felt on the battlefield within a day or two.

Israel thus finds itself at war with Iran.

It is not known whether Bashar Assad was a willing party to Iran’s takeover of the Lebanon war, or was presented with a fait accompli. However, according to our intelligence sources, Syrian warplanes stand ready armed on their airstrips with their flight crews aboard. Syria has also arrayed its Scud missiles so that they point at Israel. The Syrian government assumes that Ehud Olmert will not stand by for Damascus to be the seat of the Iranian command center for the Lebanon war and Hizballah’s logistic hub.

As we write, Washington, Paris, London, Berlin, and the European Union are pressing Lebanese prime minister Fouad Siniora to sever diplomatic ties with Iran.

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