ISIS Chief Stranded in Gaza after Link-up with Hamas Exposed

A top Islamic State Sinai chief is stranded in the Gaza Strip after his secret presence there was first revealed by debkafile on Dec. 3.
Hilary Clinton, frontrunner for the US Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, called on that event to make the point that “Israel is no stranger to terrorism… and faces growing threats in its own neighborhood.”
Addressing the Saban Forum’s annual gathering in Washington on Dec. 7, she said: “An ISIS affiliate across the border in Sinai is becoming more aggressive and sophisticated. It is responsible for the destruction of a Russian airliner… Israeli media reported last week that an ISIS commander from Sinai visited the Gaza Strip, raising the stakes even higher.”
She was inevitably slammed by Palestinian leaders, who accused her of “complete bias in favor of the Zionist occupation… appeasing the occupation to win the votes of American Jews.”
But the commander of ISIS in Sinai had meanwhile been backed into a corner by debkafile’s exposure of his presence in the Gaza Strip:
Shadi el-Menei, ISIS leader in Sinai, has been in Gaza for the last two weeks to coordinate military cooperation with Hamas. He has been engaged in intense discussions with the military wing of Hamas on cooperation between the Palestinian Islamist group and Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis, the terror organization operating in Sinai as a branch of the Islamic State..
Contrary to Cairo's announcement that el-Menei was killed in an Egyptian air strike in May 2014, he remains the leader of the organization that is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Egyptian soldiers and policemen; the infiltration of a hijacked Egyptian armored vehicle into Israeli territory in the summer of 2012 after the killing of 16 Egyptian policemen; the firing of rockets on Eilat in the summer of 2013; the sinking of an Egyptian navy ship by a missile in August 2015; the downing of a Russian airliner in the Sinai about a month ago; as well as many other terrorist attacks in mainland Egypt and the Sinai Peninsula.
Hamas decided to partner ISIS-Sinai’s operations to offset the rising strength of Salafi opposition to its rule in the Gaza Strip.

Hamas later vehemently denied this story. All the same, Thursday, Dec. 10, three weeks after his secret arrival in the Gaza Strip, ISIS commander El-Menei is embarrassingly stuck in the Gaza mouse hole, closely guarded by Hamas special forces. Since his visit came to light, Egyptian, American, Russian and Israeli anti-terror agencies are all waiting for him to set foot outside Gaza, ready to pounce on this high-profile terrorist leader.

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